Catholic Hospitals Unwittingly Hire Firm That Supports Abortion

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by Anita Carey  •  •  October 14, 2019   

ECG Management Consultants paid millions by Planned Parenthood to help boost efficiency

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BOSTON ( - Catholic and Christian health care providers are being duped by a duplicitous consulting firm that serves both them and Planned Parenthood.

While ECG Management Consultants is a secular organization with several locations including California and New York, it markets itself as "business partners" to the clients they serve. In a video describing "The Mission of ECG," it states, "We count those people as our friends."

"We really are looking at how do we do right by the organizations we work with," ECG adds.

Screenshot of ECG's Planned Parenthood clients

Church Militant was contacted by a source who explained that ECG is unconcerned that they are supporting both abortion providers and those who are opposed to taking the lives of unborn children.

Many of ECG's clients, large and small, are faith-based whose stated mission is "[t]o support the healing ministry of Jesus Christ" but ECG also has a multi-million-dollar contract to help Planned Parenthood streamline operations.

One of them, Catholic Health in Buffalo, New York, is the managing company for several area hospitals and nursing homes. Church Militant was told that they were not aware that ECG also works with Planned Parenthood.

The source explained that religious organizations always start out meetings with prayers and ECG team members "participate in these prayers whenever we work with a faith-based client."

"The issue is that there is an inherent contradiction between serving faith-based organizations, which naively assume that their partner shares their values, and then going after clients like Planned Parenthood," the source explained.

"Christian health care organizations pursue the mission of extending the healing ministry of Christ, but unwittingly, by enriching a consulting company that 'optimizes' the operations of Planned Parenthood, they serve the very opposite mission," they added.

Founded in 1973, ECG provides strategy, finance, operations and technology consulting services to the health care industry. Their client list has over 1,100 clients. Among them are several Catholic and Christian faith-based hospitals and health care providers that openly oppose abortion on moral grounds.

Support for abortion and contraception and is evident in ECG's publications. "Planting a Seed: How Planned Parenthood Built a Technology Services Practice from the Ground Up" was written by an ECG consultant.

In it, ECG provides a case study of four Planned Parenthood affiliates that teamed up to develop the practice management system and company that supports the majority of Planned Parenthood's abortion facilities.

They are exploiting the Christian employees and Christian clients by playing this double game.

Another blog post for ECG used Planned Parenthood as a positive example of a "public health" organization with a "highly focused area of specialization."

There was no similar praise for the workings of the faith-based organizations or mention of their accomplishments on the ECG website.

Additionally, several ECG consultants have formerly worked in the "reproductive health" field, a term used by proponents of abortion and contraception that implies they are critical health care services that women have a "right" to.

The source said they have encountered other ECG consultants who have expressed discomfort with this duplicity.

"What really bothers me is the way they are exploiting the Christian employees and Christian clients by playing this double game," they said.

Gryphon Investors owns ECG Management and just sold the company to Siemens Medical Solutions USA, a subsidiary of Siemens Healthineers, for an undisclosed amount. The sale is expected to go through during the fourth quarter of 2019 pending regulatory approval.

Church Militant reached out to ECG Management Consultants and Siemens Healthineers but has not heard back by press time.

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