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by Kristine Christlieb  •  •  October 4, 2022   

Notre Dame's latest round of capitulations

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Once upon a time, the University of Notre Dame aspired to be the crown jewel in the nation's Catholic university system. Now, the university's Catholic identity is badly tarnished. 

Church Militant's Kristine Christlieb details the latest examples of Notre Dame's descent into total secularization.

The University of Notre Dame's sociology department is promoting abortion, and the bookstore is selling transgender books for children.

From their homes across the country, Notre Dame alumni watch helplessly as these recent examples of secularization erode their dream of a truly Catholic university.

Earlier this year, management of the university's bookstore passed to Barnes and Noble.

On Wednesday, independent student publication The Irish Rover dug into how the change has affected book selection and merchandise.

It reported the youth section features LGBT titles, including several books about "queer heroes from history, a picture book about homosexual activist Harvey Milk and Pride 1 2 3."

In September, the gender studies program hosted a panel discussing a "post-Roe America." Sociology Professor Tamara Kay told attendees: "It's important for those of us who are willing to speak up to speak out."

Despite Indiana's newly enacted law restricting abortion, a sign on Kay's office door informed students she could help them with "all healthcare issues." After an outcry over the not-so-subtle reference to abortion, the sign was removed.

The decline of Catholic education in America mirrors the secularization of Catholic institutions generally. Notre Dame's sociology department is also promoting a pro-abortion article in Ms. magazine, recently written by one of the department's graduates.

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