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by Aidan O'Connor  •  •  March 20, 2023   

Gender ideology in rural Oregon

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The radical Left is attacking a small-town Catholic mother of six in Oregon after she exposed grooming literature and gender ideology in her town.

In tonight's In-Depth Report, Church Militant's Aidan O'Connor takes a closer look at Crook County, Oregon.

A Catholic mother is fighting to rid her rural Oregon town's library and school of crude books and gender ideology.

For over a year, Cheyenne Edgerly, an Oregon mother, has been fighting gender activists in Prineville and is finally getting support from local authorities.

Earlier this month, so-called LGBTQ advocates conspired to have Edgerly removed from her post on the Crook County Public Library board.

Board chair LaQuita Stec led the charge against Edgerly, delivering a calculated narrative that one witness described as "completely inappropriate, unprofessional and horrifying to listen to."

After the meeting, community members submitted a complaint to county commissioners about the woke library board and even asked a local judge to dismiss Stec from her board position.

Last week, Crook County Judge Seth Crawford agreed Stec should be removed. Stec was voted out of her position on Wednesday morning.

The confrontation began last year when, at Crook County Library, one of Edgerly's children was exposed to books on gay partners and masturbation.

Edgerly confronted then-library director April Witteveen and discovered she was sneaking the books into the children's section without entering them in the library catalog.

April Witteveen, director of library services, Crook Country: "The concern is from some folks who feel that exposing their children to materials with LGBTQ materials goes against their own family values."

Witteveen claimed she was diversifying the library.

Edgerly then joined the library board and tried to usher in reform, but she was the only member to vote in favor of labeling and removing the LGBT propaganda from the children's section.

She soon discovered that the local school district was also pushing gender confusion on local schoolchildren.

Teachers at the local elementary school were reportedly asking children to choose their pronouns and were using an app called "Epic" that exposes children to an assortment of grooming literature.

Some of the books are A First Book of PrideMy Family: My Two Dads and Jack (Not Jackie).

Church Militant obtained images of gender propaganda plastered on the walls at the local high school.

Edgerly has also been opposing Crook County schools' use of the controversial Wit & Wisdom curriculum, which exposes K–8 students to sexuality and Marxist race theory.

She and two other local mothers are running to take back the woke school board from the Left.

Edgerly is an example to faithful Catholics of how one concerned citizen can speak up, get involved and defend their town from the demonic Left.

Earlier this year, a local news organization published a hit piece on Edgerly, painting her as a right-wing extremist and a "self-proclaimed Catholic."

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