A ‘Guide to Re-Electing President Trump’

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by Paul Murano  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  October 9, 2020   

'If we lose the election, we lose the country'

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In a book published just one month before the monumental 2020 presidential election, a faithful Catholic is making the case for reelecting President Donald Trump.

Michael Healy, a self-described political junkie and author of Every American's Guide to Re-Electing President Trump, recently gave his take on Republican politics and the culture war now raging in America.

Michael Healy's timely book

Healy told Church Militant his goal in writing the Guide to Re-Electing President Trump was "to set the record straight by laying out in a succinct, easy-to-follow narrative" regarding Trump's unexpected rise to the presidency and "his truly incredible accomplishments over the last four years."

Interestingly, a major impetus for Healy to write the political non-fiction work was the Bush presidencies — the presidential tenures of George H.W. and George W., respectively.

"In the 2016 primary, I was originally just happy that candidate Trump offered an inspiring, accomplished alternative to another Bush being forced upon conservatives by the Republican establishment," Healy related.

"By 2018, I had come to the point of truly admiring the president for his incredibly effective policies and tenacious perseverance," he explained, "in spite of everything thrown at him politically and personally by Congressional Democrats and the media."

Healy addressed the political circus that's transpired over the past four years in the political and cultural establishments' attempts to weaken and oust this president.

"To me, President Trump's record warranted a landslide reelection; but I gradually came to realize that many voters have neither the time nor the inclination to go beyond the slanted headlines," he said.

Healy gave one example relating to the economy: "Many actually believed the president's tax cuts and other economic policies only favored rich white males, when, in fact, minorities and those at the bottom of the economic ladder experienced a larger percentage of employment gains and wage increases."

Although he firmly rejects the Democrat Party ("the Party of Death"), Healy has been frustrated with the Republican Party ever since Ronald Reagan bid farewell to the nation.

"Since the Reagan years, the Republican Party had become increasingly indifferent to their traditional conservative base," Healy maintained. "Candidates talked the conservative talk every other November and would promptly walk the other way the following January."

He elaborated on what Trump has been able to do in just four short years.

Since the Reagan years, the Republican Party has become increasingly indifferent to their traditional conservative base.

"President Trump took office and revitalized the country through his economic policies, his America-first approach to foreign policy and trade agreements, and dedication to national security and rebuilding our military," he recounted. "Those policies have enabled America to recover from the COVID-19 shutdowns far quicker than any other nation."

In spite of Trump's long list of accomplishments favoring the American people, Healy warns conservative Americans not to take the progressive Left lightly.

"Democrat candidates previously shielded their socialist goals. They are now quite open about their intention to bring about a Marxist-style revolution," Healy warned. "To me, it's a clear signal the Democrats are confident they will be able to steal the election by manipulating the unprecedented number of mail-in ballots."

Healy then spoke of what the country might be like if Trump were to lose in November:

I'll quote candidate Trump in 2016. "If we lose the election, we lose the country." If the Sanders/Biden platform is implemented, a year from now America will be on the way to being transformed into a typical socialist/communist two-tiered society with those in government and those in government's favor living privileged lives, while we the proletariat stand in line for our weekly meat ration.

The author maintained that "of course" there's still hope for America's future while recognizing the "inexorable decline" the United States has been gradually experiencing.

He further offered a political solution to America's current trajectory toward nihilistic socialism: "There is only one hope to continue on with a rapid recovery and to build upon the successes of the last four years: Re-elect President Donald Trump."

There is, however, no ambiguity in the mind of Healy as to what the Left is capable of and what it is, indeed, up to.

Democrats' only path to the White House is via massive election fraud, primarily through the manipulation of mail-in ballots.

"With a train-wreck platform and, perhaps, the weakest presidential candidate in history," he continued, "Democrats' only path to the White House is via massive election fraud, primarily through the manipulation of mail-in ballots. That is why they are demanding the mail-in ballots be accepted weeks after election day."

Does he really think Democrats could steal the election?

"Given enough time," he responded, "Democrats could rig the election for the Easter Bunny if they wanted to."

When asked what the best way is to ensure a Trump victory — despite all the cheating that may transpire — Healy was decisive: "The only remedy is for President Trump's supporters to turn out in record numbers at traditional, secure polling places on Nov. 3."

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