Catholic School District Supports ‘Pride Month’

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by Paul Aubert  •  •  March 4, 2022   

40,000 Catholic students face LGBT propaganda

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ONTARIO, Canada ( - Homosexualists are continuing to force their propaganda into Catholic schools.

Trustee Mark Valvasori

After standing its ground last year, the Hamilton–Wentworth Catholic District School Board in Ontario succumbed to social pressure this week and voted in favor of flying a gay-pride flag in the district during "pride month" (June).

Trustee Mark Valvasori, who led the motion on Tuesday, explained that emails and calls opposing the flag and its meaning encouraged him to push for its display. He noted that "what bothered me most was the tone and content from those who opposed the flying of the pride flag. I won't get into the details, but I need to say that the language was often repulsive and the adjectives describing the 2SLGBTQ+ [community] were insulting."

Valvasori, a school board trustee for over 11 years, attacked Catholic moral teaching, saying, "To be perfectly honest, sometimes our own Catholic Catechism uses descriptors that could upset many people — especially kids."

Pleading for political correctness and sympathy from the school board members, Valvasori claimed shunning the pride flag may be hurtful to some students:

Imagine, for a second, that a young student at a Catholic school ... is struggling to reconcile their [sic] own feelings about their sexuality with their Catholicity; they may need support. Then [the student] hears or reads about what should happen to them if they reveal their [sexuality]. Discussions about flag flying tend to bring about those who demonize them, using terms that may actually frighten them.

He offered support to the entire LGBT movement — explaining how he hopes he is alive when sexuality is no longer a divisive topic. He encouraged the board to "show some love and acceptance by simply flying the pride flag in June."

In 2020, the school did not fly the gay flag, insisting that the Canadian flag and the Cross are unifying and representative of all the community. The chairman of the board, Patrick Daly, said in a statement that "the HWCDSB remains as committed as ever to the principles and practices of equity, inclusion and diversity and to the building of Catholic-Christian community in our administrative buildings and schools."

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Daly referenced the archdiocese of Toronto's supportive comments about the 2020 decision, explaining, "The Cross outside of Catholic schools and any Catholic church, hospital or institution signals our commitment that all who enter the building are welcomed and loved in their beauty and uniqueness as children of God."

The HWCDSB currently oversees 59 schools and serves nearly 40,000 Catholic students. Its mission is "to enable all learners to realize the fullness of humanity of which Our Lord Jesus Christ is the model." The school's learning process is "anchored in the Catholic faith," according to the HWCDSB.

The HWCDSB oversees 59 schools and serves 40,000 students.

Deirdre Pike, an LGBT activist and self-proclaimed "queer Catholic," praised the board's decision to fly the flag. Pike alleged, "Rainbow flags do far more than add beautiful ribbons of color to the skyline. They are instrumental signs of commitment to inclusion for queer, trans and gender-diverse students, teachers, education workers, parents and the community at large."

On Twitter, Pike expressed her desire for increased LGBT activism from the Catholic school district, saying, "Thank you for this wise decision that will give hope to #2SLGBTQ+ students! One step of many that are needed, but this is the beginning of good movement!"

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