CM Exclusive: Interview With Irish Editor Receiving Death Threats

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by Church Militant  •  •  September 9, 2016   

Anthony Murphy: "The Church in Ireland has been abandoned by the shepherds and the wolves have been let loose to ravage the flock"

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DUBLIN ( - The editor of the Catholic Voice Ireland has been receiving death threats from the Irish Republican Army.

"I have been threatened by members of the local Sinn Fein IRA Party not to go into my local town unless I have a 'death wish,'" Athony Murphy told Church Militant. He first alerted Catholics to the death threats on his Facebook page Thursday. Church Militant spoke with Murphy shortly after on Friday morning.

Problems started after two female extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist at Murphy's parish entered into a so-called-same-sex marriage earlier this year. Murphy initially contacted the parish priest but was met with opposition.

"He is accepting of their 'marriage' and had told me that everyone has a right to happiness," Murphy commented to Church Militant. "He also accused me of homophobia."

Murphy then took matters into his own hands. He sent out a text to other parishioners urging them to reconsider the position of the women in the parish. Shortly after, the women stepped down from choir and Holy Communion duties. They then went on radio to paint Murphy as a "mean" Catholic.

Murphy said on radio in response, "You cannot have contradiction where the Church teaches one thing and people who are right next to the tabernacle, the Blessed Sacrament, contradict all of that teaching."

The women are still attending Mass although they have stepped down from their leadership positions in the parish. "This was not an issue about the women — they are children of God — but it is about their suitability to hold leadership positions in the parish."

We asked Murphy if other clergy have come to his aid. Murphy commented, "The Church in Ireland has been abandoned by the shepherds, and the wolves have been let loose to ravage the flock." He continued, "This whole episode has occurred because of the complete failure of the Church in Ireland to teach."
The risk to Murphy and his family are still real. "It is a difficult and stressful time. I have been advised by the local curate, a good man, not to attend Mass in the parish because he fears for my safety. Please God this storm will pass. In the meantime, all we can do is pray for all concerned."


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