Baltimore Archbishop’s Tough Love

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by Rodney Pelletier  •  •  April 10, 2020   

Claims bishops keep faithful away from sacraments out of love

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A pro-gay bishop is saying locking the faithful out of churches and away from the sacraments is a sign of love.

Baltimore Abp. William Lori — in an interview with Crux yesterday — said he and other bishops are "doing something important for the sake of our people, for the love for our people, recognizing how painful it is to have churches closed and not to be able to receive the sacraments."

He also says that statewide lockdowns and blocking the faithful from receiving the sacraments don't threaten religious liberty.

Abp. Lori: "All of our rights and liberties are very important. They are a gift to us from the Creator. They are constitutionally guaranteed, but they are not absolute. No one right is utterly absolute — that includes religious freedom."

In the archdiocese of Baltimore, the oldest in the United States, Lori has demanded:

  • No Masses for small groups of the faithful in chapels or homes
  • No baptisms, weddings or funerals — only graveside services with no more than 10 people present
  • No confession or anointing of the sick unless a person is in danger of dying

The Vatican's Cdl. Robert Sarah said yesterday in an interview with a French magazine that the sacraments are "an absolute and inalienable right," especially to the sick and dying.

But since the 2018 Summer of Shame, exposing the bishops for their ongoing cover-up of homosexual clerical abuse, the laity has grown distrustful of the bishops and are cutting off the only thing they seem to listen to — money.

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