Catholics Oppose Gay Group in South Boston St. Patrick’s Parade

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by David Nussman  •  •  July 24, 2018   

Catholic Action League of Massachusetts proposes removing saint's name with gay group marching

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BOSTON ( - The gay lobby is infiltrating the South Boston St. Patrick's Day Parade.

Homosexual group OUTVETS has been reinstated in the parade after a temporary ban last year for using rainbow flags. Boston Mayor Marty Walsh is sympathetic to OUTVETS and the LGBT agenda, and the mayor has a history of pressuring the parade organizers to welcome out-and-proud gay groups. On July 12, it was announced that the group's founder and CEO, Bryan Bishop, would be the director of parade operations.

Opposing the introduction of the homosexual agenda into the parade is the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts. C.J. Doyle, the league's executive director, told Church Militant, "They are using a parade in honor of a Catholic saint to coerce the rest of society, and Catholics in particular, into accepting the legitimacy of homosexuality."

The parade is organized by Allied War Veterans.

Doyle also said, "Homosexual groups have been trying to impose themselves on Boston's Saint Patrick's Day Parade since 1992."

He listed several schools and other organizations pulling out of the parade, noting, "The Saint Benedict Center's Immaculate Heart of Mary School — whose float of Saint Patrick blessing the children was, for decades, the iconic symbol of the parade — withdrew bravely, publicly and immediately."

Doyle noted that the Knights of Columbus only withdrew after pressure from groups like Mass Resistance, Church Militant and the Catholic Action League.

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He told Church Militant, speaking on how the pro-gay infiltration happened:

The parade organizers have been dispossessed. Once John J. "Wacko" Hurley, the Allied War Veterans Council commander, was too old and ill to continue his resolute Catholic leadership, Mayor Marty Walsh, with the help of Congressman Stephen Lynch (D-Mass.), moved in to seize control of the parade organization using a former Boston cop, Brian Mahoney, and a would-be city council candidate, Ed Flynn, the son of Ambassador Ray Flynn. 

When Mahoney unexpectedly died, and the Catholic remnant in the veterans council continued to offer resistance, they were subjected to threats of boycotts, threats of retaliation, threats of violence, threats of withholding parade permits and even threats of refusing police protection.

Walsh, with Flynn's help, eventually placed younger veterans, those willing to play ball with Boston's political establishment, in charge of the veterans' council. Now, the Walsh Administration and the homosexual group, OUTVETS, through their CEO, Bryan Bishop, the new parade marshal, will control the parade.

Homosexual groups have been trying to impose themselves on Boston's Saint Patrick's Day Parade since 1992.

In a July 13 news release, the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts stated, "The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts today renewed its call to remove the name of Saint Patrick from the Evacuation Day/Saint Patrick's Day Parade in South Boston."

The statement continued, "OUTVETS was created in July 2014 as part of Mayor Walsh's campaign to force parade organizers to admit homosexual groups to the line of march. It was the third such contrivance fabricated for this purpose since 1992. Since 2015, OUTVETS has been marching in the parade with banners identifying their sexual behavior."

The press release quoted Doyle as saying, "Saint Patrick's Day was instituted to commemorate the Apostle who brought the Catholic faith to Ireland. It is impossible to honor Saint Patrick while showcasing those who not only repudiate the moral code of Saint Patrick's religion but who castigate that code as bigotry, prejudice, hatred and homophobia."

Since 2015, OUTVETS has been marching in the parade with banners identifying their sexual behavior.

Gay organizations have already successfully infiltrated the New York City St. Patrick's Day Parade. Infamously, New York's Cdl. Timothy Dolan was the grand marshal in the 2015 parade despite organizers' embrace of outwardly homosexual groups.

When Michael Voris tried to confront Cdl. Dolan, the cardinal failed to answer the question and apparently had Voris and his cameraman thrown out of the press area.


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