CCHD Gives $65,000 to Group Led by Donor to Pro-Abortion and Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Causes

by Michael Hichborn  •  •  August 12, 2015   

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You just can't make this stuff up!

In June 2015, Catholic News Service interviewed the founder and executive director of the Hmong American Farmers Association (HAFA), an organization which received $65,000 from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development for the 2014–2015 fiscal year. So, not only is the CCHD giving tens of thousands of Catholic dollars to this organization, but the mouthpiece of the USCCB is giving wider coverage to it as well.

Here's the problem. The lady who founded and is currently the executive director of HAFA is radically pro-abortion and same-sex "marriage."

HAFA was founded by Pakou Hang in 2011, and she is still serving as its first executive director.

Catholic News Service, no doubt, believed Hang would be a good source to quote, considering her organization received such a large grant from the CCHD. However, had CNS known of her strong advocacy and support for abortion and same-sex "marriage," perhaps it would not have been so quick to contact her.

In 2012, Hang donated against the Catholic Conference of Minnesota and fought against the Marriage Amendment, which would have defended Traditional Marriage.

In 2007, Pakou and her sister Kaying donated money to an organization called "Pro-Choice Resources," which provides funds to girls seeking an abortion but who can't afford one.

In 2007, Hang ran for City Council in St. Paul, Minnesota. Included in her endorsements are several pro-abortion and one pro-homosexual organizations. Two of the pro-abortion endorsements came from organizations whose mission is to elect pro-abortion women to elected positions.

In addition to pro-abortion and pro-LGBT endorsements, Hang received a $300 contribution to her campaign from Emily's List. The only mission Emily's List states on its website is "We elect pro-choice Democratic women to office."


The founder and executive director of HAFA has made her support for abortion and same-sex "marriage" not only a matter of public record, but has actually put her money where her mouth is. As the executive director of HAFA, what she says and does is a representation of the organization itself. As the founder of the organization, the organization is an extension of her own philosophies. In 2012, Bishop Soto, who is the chairman of the CCHD Subcommittee, ended funding for an organization called Francis House, because its director performed same-sex marriages and advocated for so-called "abortion rights." Faith Whitmore, the director of Francis House, said, "I have never represented any of those positions on behalf of Francis House." But this did not suffice as a defense for Bishop Soto. From the article:

In its letter to Whitmore, the Sacramento Diocese said it respects the work Francis House does and cannot expect every organization it supports financially to "actively promote Catholic teaching."

"We can expect, however, that they or their leaders not publicly oppose Catholic teaching and that, unfortunately, is the situation in which we find ourselves," the letter reads.

We really have to ask, "Does CCHD even bother to do background checks on the people they give money to?" Well, if CCHD isn't going to bother protecting Catholic money, then they don't really need Catholic money, do they?

Contact the CCHD, in particular its director Mr. Ralph McCloud. Ask him why CCHD continues to fund organizations run by pro-abortion and pro-same-sex marriage activists, and tell him that until CCHD stops doing this, it will not receive one red cent.

Contact Info for CCHD:

Main Number . . . . . . . . . . 202-541-3210
Ralph McCloud . . . . . . . . . 202-541-3367


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