Cdl. Sarah Denounces West’s Drift From God

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by Stephen Wynne  •  •  May 24, 2018   

Rallies Catholics to turn back the tide through fidelity to the Faith

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CHARTRES, France ( - Cardinal Robert Sarah is denouncing the West's abandonment of God.

Speaking to pilgrims at Chartres Cathedral on Monday, the Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments warned, "Western society has chosen to establish itself without God. Witness how it is now delivered to the flashy and deceptive lights of a consumer society: to profit at all costs, and frenzied individualism."

"Western society has become like a drunken boat in the night," he said. "She does not have enough love to take in children, to protect them beginning from their mother's womb, to protect them from the aggression of pornography."

"Deprived of the light of God," he added, "Western society no longer knows how to respect its elderly, accompany unto death its sick, make room for the poorest and the weakest."

Cardinal Sarah continued: "A Western society without God can become the cradle of an ethical and moral terrorism more virulent and more destructive than Islamist terrorism."

"Remember that Jesus told us, 'And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul; rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in [H]ell,'" he said.

Pilgrims on the road to Chartres

The Guinean prelate rallied both clergy and laity to give visible witness by living out the Christian life without fear or hesitation. Only this, he said, can draw "wayward souls, lost, sad, worried and lonely" to the light of God.

"Are we going to leave them to be delivered to error, to hopeless nihilism, or to aggressive Islamism?" he asked. "We must proclaim to the world that our hope has a name: Jesus Christ, the only Savior of the world and of humanity! We can no longer be silent!"

"To act according to the truth is first to put God at the center of our lives," he reflected. "Make the commitment to keep a few minutes of silence every day in order to turn to God, to tell him 'Lord reign in me! I give you all my life!'"

Having fallen under Satan's rule, the world is awash in sin, he observed. Godless ideologies "that deny human nature and destroy the family" abound, encroaching and undermining Christian societies across the world.

The West, Sarah lamented, has succumbed almost totally to these falsehoods to become an apostle of a diabolical "new global ethic."

Dear friends, we are not called to be mediocre Christians! No, God calls us all to the total gift, to the martyrdom of the body or the heart!

"In many Western countries, it is a crime today to refuse to submit to these horrible ideologies," he noted. "This is what we call adaptation to the spirit of the times, conformism."

Cardinal Sarah called on Catholics to take courage and stand against the spirit of the age: "Fight any law against nature that would be imposed upon on you, oppose any law against life, against the family. Be of those who take the opposite direction! Dare to go against the grain!" he urged his listeners, adding:

For us Christians, the opposite direction is not a place, it is a Person, it is Jesus Christ, our Friend and our Redeemer. A task is especially entrusted to you: to save human love from the tragic drift into which it has fallen: love, which is no longer the gift of oneself, but only the possession of the other — a possession often violently tyrannical.

Speaking to the young pilgrims inside the cathedral, the cardinal exclaimed, "Dear friends, we are not called to be mediocre Christians! No, God calls us all to the total gift, to the martyrdom of the body or the heart!"

Noting the original conversion of the West was achieved through heroic self-sacrifice and fidelity to God, he added, "You, young people of today, will be the saints and the martyrs that the nations are waiting for in a New Evangelization!"

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