Cdl. Sarah Silences Gay Lobby

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by Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th.  •  •  October 29, 2015   

The African prelate disallowed the gay agenda in his discussion group, says Bp. Johan Bonny

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ROME ( - Cardinal Robert Sarah of Guinea silenced the gay lobby in the small discussion group headed by him at the Synod. This admission came from Belgian bishop Johan Bonny, who was placed in Sarah's group.

At a Friday press conference in Rome, Bonny stated, "There was no way of discussing it in a peaceful way." Bonny revealed that he had been prevented from raising various issues concerning gays in the French small circle group led by Cdl. Sarah.

Antwerp's bishop Bonny, viewed as a standard-bearer of progressives, has publicly defied many Church teachings, including those related to homosexuality and contraception.

Cardinal Sarah, prefect for the Congregation for Divine Worship, during his intervention at the Synod, compared "gender ideology" with Islamic State fundamentalism and Nazism.

In this intervention, Sarah boldly proclaimed:

To use a slogan, we find ourselves between "gender ideology and ISIS." Islamic massacres and libertarian demands regularly contend for the front page of the newspapers. From these two radicalizations arise the two major threats to the family: its subjectivist disintegration in the secularized West through quick and easy divorce, abortion, homosexual unions, euthanasia, etc. (cf. Gender theory, the 'Femen,' the LGBT lobby, IPPF ...). On the other hand, the pseudo-family of ideologized Islam which legitimizes polygamy, female subservience, sexual slavery, child marriage etc. (cf. Al Qaeda, Isis, Boko Haram ...).

The Synod's final report, according to a working document in English, attempted to address pastoral care of homosexuals while holding the line on Church teaching.

Paragraph 76 of this document reads in part:

To the families living the experience of having homosexual persons, the Church reaffirms that every person, regardless of their sexual orientation, must be respected. ... Regarding proposals to equate marriage to unions between homosexual persons, "there is no foundation whatsoever to assimilate or establish an even remotely analogous correspondence between homosexual unions and God's plan for marriage and the family"  (Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Considerations Regarding Proposals to Give Legal Recognition to Unions Between Homosexual Persons, 4).

Concerning the gay issue, Bp. Bonny revealed, "In the Synod this question was not really discussed. Most bishops in western Europe speak more or less the same language but the atmosphere and readiness was not there at the Synod."

Bonny and his two fellow Belgian cardinals appointed to the Synod admitted there had been no solution to their primary concerns — namely, Communion for civilly remarried divorcees and a pastoral approach to homosexuals. The reason for this, they said, was the growing dominance of Africa in the Catholic Church and the decline of Europe.

It appears from Bp. Bonny's testimony that Cdl. Sarah kept his word spoken last month prior to the Synod when he promised, "I have absolute confidence in the faith of the African people, and I am sure Africa will save the family."


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