Champion of Life Msgr. Vincent Foy Passes Away

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by Church Militant  •  •  March 13, 2017   

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Monsignor Vincent Foy, longtime champion of Humanae Vitae and defender of the unborn, passed away Monday night from natural causes. He was 101 years old.

The Canadian priest was a lone voice in the wilderness in the 1960s and beyond when dissident theologians were pushing for the Church to relax its strictures on birth control.

Foy led the orthodox charge at the meetings leading up to the infamous Winnipeg Statement, the Canadian bishops' official declaration of dissent against Humanae Vitae. In spite of his best efforts, he was thwarted by the machinations of his own bishop, Phillip Pocock of Winnipeg, who quashed opposition and helped ram through their document sanctioning dissent on Church teaching on contraception.

"In truth, by the Winnipeg Statement, Canadian bishops became promoters of mass murder and complicit in turning thousands of sewers into tombs," Foy lamented. He spent the decades after continuing his faithful proclamation of Church teaching on contraception, even as he suffered persecution and ostracism from his own bishop and brother priests.

Just before his passing, prayers were requested by his caretaker:

Dear Friends of Msgr. Foy,

Our dear friend and most holy priest of God, Msgr. Vincent Foy, holding up his priestly Chalice of Suffering for souls, advanced from palliative into end of life care last night. 

Please pray for him in his final agony as his soul is being prepared to meet Our Lord.

He received the Sacraments. Barring a miracle, we are told he will be dying soon. We are not sure if he will last a week.

If you want to drop by to pray quietly with us, you are welcome.  We will let you know by email when he passes into eternal life. 

Thank you for your prayers and friendship with Msgr. Foy.

Requiescat in pace.


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