Chicago’s Tainted ‘Saint’

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by Trey Blanton  •  •  November 3, 2021   

Homopredator Satanist honored

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The archdiocese of Chicago on Monday deviated from the Catholic practice of honoring All Saints' Day to worship at the shrine of Satan's chief acolyte, Cdl. Joseph Bernardin. Church Militant's Trey Blanton digs into Chi Town's past to reveal the ongoing legacy of degrading the truth of Christ.

A cabal of Bernardin disciples honored his death on a day reserved for saints rather than on the anniversary of his death, in two weeks. The group assured attendees Bernardin was a tireless advocate for victims of child sexual abuse.

Msgr. Kenny Velo, former Bernardin secretary: "He addressed child sexual misconduct. The tree of grace, as he dealt with false allegations against himself."

Church Militant's 2019 investigation, however, revealed the cardinal's darker legacy. Michael Voris, senior executive producer for the report, revealed, "The victim expressly states, 'I was raped by then-Fr. Bernardin as part of a satanic ritual.'"

Steven Millies, director of the Bernardin Center, praises the predator for challenging President Ronald Reagan, whom Millies accuses of escalating the Cold War rather than ending it. Reagan achieved real peace with Pope St. John Paul II.

Cardinal Blase Cupich headlined the event paying homage to his predecessor. Cupich told the small crowd, "Proposing a consistent ethic of life is to argue that success on any one of the issues threatening life requires a concern for the broader attitude in society. ... The viability of this principle depends on the consistency of its application."

Cupich's continued support of the discredited "seamless garment" theory is reflected in his choice to have a female so-called Reformed Jewish rabbi speak about a man she never met. Rabbi Wendi Geffen is a member of a liberal rabbinic conference that promotes a woman's so-called right to murder her unborn child.

Irreverent Liturgy, satanic abuse and failure to combat evil in the world is the true legacy of this false saint.

Bernardin spearheaded the 1993 Parliament of Religions, which put all beliefs on equal footing and included idol worship.

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