Chilling Phone Call Exposes Lies of Late-Term Abortion

by David Nussman  •  •  September 4, 2017   

NM abortion mill would kill healthy unborn baby for $8,500

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ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico ( - A new undercover video is exposing the lie that late-term abortions are medically necessary to save the mother's life.

On August 14, Priests for Life released the recording of an undercover call to an abortion facility in New Mexico. The recording reveals that the abortion mill, Southwestern Women's Options, will perform late-term abortions for anyone willing to pay $8,500.

Priests for Life is a Catholic pro-life organization. It has worked with Abortion Free New Mexico to gather and spread pro-life information about Southwestern Women's Options.

In the recorded phone-call, a woman indicates that she wishes to schedule an abortion. She claims to be about 25 weeks pregnant, and the abortion worker at the other end of the line provides an overview on how the late-term abortion will take place.

Late-term abortions "should always start on a Tuesday," the female employee explained, so the procedure can finish by the following Friday. She said the cost of the procedure is $8,500 and summarized the late-term abortion procedure as "delivering what would be a stillborn."

When a pregnant client arrives on Tuesday, she explains, the doctor "will use a medication that will euthanize the fetus." This injection "will stop the fetal heart on that day." After killing the unborn child, the abortionist applies a substance to the cervix to cause it to dilate. The woman then comes into the clinic the next morning for the doctor to inspect the dilation and apply more of the substance as needed. Once the cervix is sufficiently dilated, "Labor's going to be induced here in the clinic, usually one to two days later."

In last month's press release, Priests for Life cited the comments on this procedure by Tara Shaver of Abortion Free New Mexico: "Southwestern Women's Options uses an injection to stop the hearts of pre-born babies and a concoction of several medications to artificially induce labor in women, and then sends them away to wait for their child to be born dead."

The head of the abortion mill, Curtis Boyd, argued in a recent interview that among his clientele are women "who are dying if they do not get the abortion."

But pregnant women facing a medical crisis would not seek late-term abortions, argues the press release by Priests for Life. "In fact," the message reads "a Southwestern Women's Options consent form obtained by Abortion Free New Mexico's Tara Shaver in 2012 states that abortions done after 18 weeks are more dangerous than carrying the baby to full term."

The press release also cites "a previous undercover recording Abortion Free New Mexico and Priests for Life released," relating that it "demonstrated that Southwestern Women's Options screens their patients for health indicators to ensure that the mother is healthy enough for a late-term procedure."

Abortionist Curtis Boyd also argued that some of his patients are "women who have [pre-born babies with] severe congenital defects." Congenital defects are also known as birth defects. According to Priests for Life, this phrase reveals the abortionist's true intents. Priests for Life argued that Boyd's business is based on "an archaic eugenic mindset."

The organization also claimed, "Killing babies who are handicapped is at the heart of Boyd's late-term abortion business." An earlier undercover call video published by Abortion Free New Mexico showed that Southwest Women's Options is willing to kill unborn babies diagnosed with Down syndrome up to the day of birth.


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