China Propagandizing Congress

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by Paul Murano  •  •  November 12, 2021   

Republican calls out hypocrisy

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WASHINGTON ( - A U.S. congressman is calling out the hypocrisy of his Democrat colleagues on China.


Republican congressman Jim Banks and 

House administration chairwoman Zoe Lofgren

Democrats being in the pocket of China is not a new accusation by Republicans. But now, one Republican congressman, Jim Banks from Indiana, is refusing to look the other way. Banks chastised Washington Democrats Wednesday in a letter to House administration chairwoman Zoe Lofgren, obtained by Breitbart News.

Banks noted, "The rhetoric in Congress is loud about 'combatting Chinese influence' and the need to be 'tough on China.'" The congressman went on to warn, "Americans will not take our claims seriously if we do not take action to prevent China from running propaganda in our own legislature."

The specific propaganda to which Banks refers is the publication of China Daily — which is being disseminated to each congressional office free of charge, arriving alongside newspapers like Politico and others.

Banks wants this practice to end and has observed that there is an opportunity "for the committee to consider legislative responses to China's foreign disinformation campaign."

Americans will not take our claims seriously if we do not take action to prevent China from running propaganda in our own legislature.

China Daily is owned and operated by the Chinese Communist Party as part of its international propaganda efforts.

Banks mentions the Foreign Agents Registration Act ("FARA") in his letter — a law passed in 1938 that requires those representing foreign entities to disclose their relationship with the government.

An issue of China Daily

"I recommend prohibiting unsolicited delivery of FARA-registered publications to federal buildings. This includes China Daily and other state-owned propaganda outlets like Russia Today," he wrote.

It's no coincidence this letter came five days after Banks urged his colleagues to vote against the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that would direct taxpayer money to the Chinese market to help fight climate change. Further, this urging came just before a new U.S.–China deal was signed Wednesday at the international Climate Change Conference in Glasgow.

Pope Francis added his two cents to that climate change meeting by warning Scottish Catholics, "Time is running out."

Critics say cuddling up to the communists in China goes way back for Joe Biden. As senator and senior Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Biden nearly single-handedly pushed China over the top in receiving Most Favored Nation (MFN) trade status in the 1980s.

Critics say cuddling up to the communists in China goes way back for Joe Biden.

It was also "Beijing Biden" who navigated all the obstacles to China joining the World Trade Organization (WTO) in the 1990s.

Biden's forging of closer ties with China has had devastating effects on American workers and has threatened U.S. national security. But it reportedly has been financially beneficial to the phony Catholic's family.

News Report: Beijing Biden

In 2013, reporters questioned why Hunter Biden, Joe's son, went with him on a trip to Beijing. In 2017, a few months after his father left office as vice president, one of Ukraine's largest natural gas companies began paying Hunter $83,333 per month. Hunter invested a substantial chunk of his money in a Shanghai-based private equity firm, where he happened to be a sitting board member.

Snapshot of a forced abortion in China

The Biden family has had numerous financial connections with Chinese communists over the years but has virtually ignored their numerous human rights abuses. One blatant example is China's brutal one-child policy, which has been responsible for countless forced abortions and forced sterilizations of women across China.

Banks, who has introduced five bills to counter Chinese communist aggression, observes that concessions to communist China still continue in 2021. As illustrated in a Nov. 4 tweet, Banks was not happy with Democrats ignoring recent Chinese brutality.

"The Dems' new reconciliation bill removes funding prohibitions going to [sic] entities which utilize Uyghur forced labor in China," Banks tweeted. "Why in the world would Democrats want to give taxpayer dollars to corporations using Uyghur Muslim slaves?"

Banks insists the Democrats' push to "build back better" will "make the U.S. economy more intertwined with and dependent on communist China."

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