China’s Double-Edged Victory

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by Trey Blanton  •  •  August 20, 2021   

Communists benefit from weak America

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The Taliban are expected to execute thousands of Christians and American allies in Afghanistan, as well as rape women as part of the spoils of war. Joe Biden's strategic failure in Afghanistan will have even longer-lasting consequences. Church Militant's Trey Blanton details how Biden just handed China another win.

China is capitalizing on Biden's failure to safely withdraw from Afghanistan by intimidating U.S. allies in Asia into believing America is unreliable. Communist China has been in contact for years with the Taliban, who are Islamist terrorists with a long history of ruling through violent Sharia law.

John Guandolo, president of Understanding the Threat, says, "They say, the Taliban, consistently have said, 'We are commanded by our god, Allah, to wage war until the entire world is submitted to Sharia, Islamic law.'"

Analysts note China benefits from U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, due to America losing intelligence capabilities on China's western border. China will need to maintain cooperation with the Taliban who could potentially destabilize China's western region, where Muslim Uighurs have been brutalized by the communist regime.

Guandolo says of the Taliban, "They can work with nationalist movements and other movements, like that, other political entities, so long, and only so long, as their activities never violate Sharia. Sharia supersedes everything."

China has demonstrated an ability to withstand international condemnation, openly aligning with rogue nations Iran and North Korea without repercussions.

The communist regime is now using America's failure to stabilize Afghanistan as proof the United States should stay out of the internal policies of other nations. This propaganda is intended to allow China to continue oppressing people of religious conviction through rape, sterilization and so-called reeducation camps.

Guandolo continues, "What we just told the entire world, and most importantly China, is we're going to run. We're abandoning those people that helped us in Afghanistan. But, not even that, we're literally abandoning our own citizens, and we don't give a [expletive] whether they live or die."

If China can neutralize threats to its western border, the Red Army will be able to focus squarely on the east, particularly on the Taiwan question. Beijing has long desired to bring the democratic island to heel over its independent separation from mainland China. The United States is Taiwan's strongest ally, but even the United States has recognized the island as part of China since the '70s.

Guandolo concludes, "If you don't identify a threat, you can never formulate a strategy to defeat that threat. That's it. That's war-fighting 101."

Biden has long been considered weak on foreign policy. Afghanistan's collapse and China's success are proof of his incompetence. As Obama's vice president, Biden stood against the mission to kill Osama bin Laden, the primary reason for invading Afghanistan.

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