China’s Spreading Lockdown

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by Kristine Christlieb  •  •  May 10, 2022   

1984 comes to life

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In a futile attempt to achieve COVID zero, Shanghai, a city of 26 million people, has been in lockdown for more than five weeks. Now, Chinese communist leaders are ordering people to imprison themselves in other cities as well.

Dr. Steven Mosher, president, Population Research Institute: "These are scary things; this is 1984 come to life."

Even though lockdown as a virus containment strategy has been discredited in countries across the globe, China is still putting entire cities in quarantine.

Xi Jinping had good reason to begin with the city of Shanghai.

Dr. Steven Mosher:

The opposition to his serving a third and fourth and fifth term is based in Shanghai. It's called the Shanghai Clique. These are people who are followers of the former president. ... And they have said,"No, we don't want you to be president for life, Xi Jingping." And what has he done? He's locked down their city; he's shown them — the people of Shanghai — that he is absolutely in charge.

As the lockdown dragged on, people became increasingly desperate, calling for help from their high-rise balconies.

Leaders used drones to patrol the skies and robotic dogs to check vaccine passports.

Dr. Steven Mosher:

The robotic drones are searching for people who are saying things critical of the government. And if they hear you screaming and shouting on your balcony that you have no food, they will come right up to you and look you in the face through the lens of the camera and say in a robotic voice, "Calm yourself, go back inside. Calm your souls."

Even though lockdown does no good, Chinese leaders persist in punishing the people and even expanding lockdown to more cities.

Dr. Steven Mosher: "Totalitarian regimes need to suppress a portion of the population from time to time just to maintain the muscular tone of the system. It's like the system has to take itself to the gym two days a week."

Lockdown is also having economic consequences.

Dr. Steven Mosher: "The Chinese economy is in terrible straits, by the way. There are now — 20% of the world's container ships are now stalled off of China's major ports. They can't go in and pick up goods. They can't go in and deliver goods."

China-watchers on Twitter posted a map with dots representing vessels logjammed at Chinese ports.

Globalists have long used China to pilot test their totalitarian methods. This latest lockdown experiment reveals what technocrats have in mind for the rest of us.

Currently, 27 Chinese cities are in full or partial lockdown.

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