Chinese Authorities Punish Christians Who Attend Church

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by Aaron Maxwell  •  •  August 16, 2016   

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GUIZHOU PROVINCE, China ( - Chinese officials are announcing that Christians who attend churches not approved by the government will no longer be eligible for welfare or any kind of insurance from the government. The announcement was primarily directed to elderly people who require welfare assistance to live.

According to China Aid, a publication that exposes and monitors Christian persecution in China, a local governing body in China's central Guizhou province made the announcement in early July.

Mou, a house church member, said, "[Officials verbally] announced on July 2 that Christians could not have welfare or any old-age insurance ... Now, the county called on the government in the towns and villages to order believers to sign [a guarantee], stating that if they gathered again, their welfare would be cut off."

Zhang Shucai, a member of one of the affected churches, said, "Not long ago, I went back to my hometown and asked my parents about [the welfare payment cancellation]. They told me that they still hadn't received their welfare. [Authorities] only arrested my mother last time, but they canceled the [welfare] of [both of my parents]."

In a similar attack against Christianity in China, the Communist party issued an ultimatum to parents, telling them that if they or their children attend church, their children will not be able to attend college or enter the military. According to The Gospel Herald, an online Christian newspaper, one elderly church member was forced to sign an agreement forbidding him from attending church so his grandson could be accepted into the military.

Members of Huaqiu Church were forced to sign a document saying they would not bring minors to church, or their children would not be allowed to attend college or join the military. Parents who still bring their children to church will be sued per the contract.

Chinese lawmakers have passed a law banning people under 18 from attending churches. The atheist state now declares that to share your religious belief with someone under 18 years old is a form of brainwashing.

The persecution in China has been increasing greatly over the last several years. Just last December Church Militant reported that 1,500 churches had been damaged or destroyed in Zhejiang province alone.


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