Chinese Officials Loot Church

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by David Nussman  •  •  January 7, 2020   

Yet another blow to Chinese Catholics

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Persecution continues for Catholics in China, as new footage shows government workers sacking a Church in Jiangxi Province.

Communist authorities have victimized Chinese Catholics for years, condemning Christianity as a foreign religion harmful to Chinese culture.

The Vatican signed a secretive agreement with the communist government two years ago that sought to unite the underground Church — in hiding from the authorities — with the government-approved church. It gave Beijing the power to appoint bishops over both sectors of the Church in China.

Many say the persecution has only gotten worse since the agreement took effect.

In October 2018, authorities demolished two Marian shrines, claiming the buildings had too many religious symbols.

Repeatedly, clergy from the underground Church have been taken into communist detention centers for so-called "re-education."

Cardinal Joseph Zen of Hong Kong has been outspoken in criticizing the China-Vatican agreement. He said in 2018, "You're putting wolves before your flock, and they are going to make a massacre."

As church demolitions continue — and clergy keep going missing — it seems like Cdl. Zen's concerns are falling on deaf ears.

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