Christian Girls Raped by Muslims

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by Trey Blanton  •  •  July 31, 2020   

Failure to respond quickly results in young, pregnant teens

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A Pakistani Muslim is being ordered to appear in court for the abduction and rape of a 14-year-old Christian girl.

24-year-old Jabbar Khan Qaisrani will appear in court for the October kidnapping and repeated rape of 14-year-old Huma Younus, who Qaisrani claimed was an adult — in which case Sharia law allows for a Christian woman to be forcibly seized and married off to her Muslim captor.

However, the court in Karachi, Pakistan ruled a prior decision by a lower court that Younus was an adult is false and that, as a minor, Sharia law does not apply and Younus must be returned to her family.

But in the nearly 10 months that have passed, the now-15-year-old has become pregnant while in captivity.

A translator for Younus' mother said:

If they would have done something at that time, the daughter of Nageena would have been recovered, and maybe she wouldn't be in this situation what she is in right now. She requests she should get her daughter back because she says that you can only feel this pain if you have a daughter.

Advocates with the Western-based international group Overseas Pakistani Christian Alliance (OPCA) are raising their voice on behalf of persecuted Christians in the Muslim nation.

"I have a daughter. I'm a mother. I can't imagine somebody [would] take my daughter like this and my daughter doesn't ... I don't get her back," said Carol Noreen, OPCA volunteer.

Younus' story is not unique in Pakistan. Among many girls and boys abducted each year for the sexual pleasure of the majority-Muslim population, is 13-year-old Mehak, who was recently returned home after her four-month captivity, and is now seven months pregnant.

"I was abducted and tied up and my captor's sister told him to do whatever he wanted with me. Nobody will care."

Compliance with the law is all that will bring Younus home to her family too.

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