Make a Mess!

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by Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th.  •  •  September 5, 2017   

Bad situations turned around after shining media spotlight

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A priest is now using valid matter for Sacred Hosts at Mass in Tucson, Arizona; a bishop's LGBT school policy is being rejected by a diocesan school in Jefferson City, Missouri; and a homosexualist priest has been disinvited to speak at a prestigious event — all owing in part to Church Militant's role in helping laity resist these evils.

Church Militant reported last month on invalid matter being used at Mass by Fr. Harry Ledwith, pastor of St. Pius X parish in Tucson. Following widespread coverage, Church Militant's Resistance members are now happily reporting that Bp. Gerald Kicanas has corrected the situation, and the former recipe used by parishioners to make the hosts has gone by the wayside. What's more, Resistance members, who've observed Mass being offered recently by Fr. Ledwith, attest to the fact that he's no longer using a fabricated "social justice creed," as he once did.

Another success story is in the diocese of Jefferson City, where Bp. John Gaydos has been pushing his open-door, LGBT policy on diocesan schools. Church Militant reported on the problem here, here and here. Last week Church Militant reported that St. Joseph Cathedral School, considered the "flagship school" of the diocese, has rejected the LGBT program, instead publishing a solidly Catholic student handbook.

"Students may not advocate, celebrate or express same-sex attraction in such a way as to cause confusion or distraction in the context of Catholic school classes, activities or events," the handbook reads.

A source close to the events informed Church Militant that Bp. Gaydos, who was staunchly backing the pro-LGBT school policy, has been abandoned by everyone in his diocese owing to public outcry. This was remarkable, considering the fact that the bishop had written a letter in May to all his priests, urging them to continue supporting his LGBT initiative in spite of public backlash.

Just last week, homosexualist priest Fr. James Martin, S.J., was disinvited to speak at an October engagement by the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre. This came in the wake of Church Militant's report revealing the outrage of knights furious that the controversial, pro-gay priest had been asked to be keynote speaker. The order reversed course, instead inviting a replacement speaker for its upcoming gala.

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