Classroom Corruption

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by Hunter Bradford  •  •  September 21, 2021   

Teachers deceiving parents, warping young minds

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A high school teacher in Texas had her students watch the death of George Floyd as well as the ensuing trial of the police officer. She told her students not to "text or discuss what they hear with friends, siblings or relatives — not even the family dog."

Another educator believes that good behavior is tied to White supremacy.

Josh Thompson, teacher:

Things like making sure that you are following directions and making sure you are sitting quietly. So if we are positively reinforcing these behaviors, we are, by extension, positively enforcing elements of White culture, which, therefore, keeps whiteness at the center, which is the definition of White supremacy.  

Roosevelt University faculty member Ralph Martire bragged about teaching social justice in his master's class on fiscal policy and public budget.

Ralph Martire, Arthur Rubloff endowed professor of public policy: "The first three or four classes are devoted to philosophy of social justice. We don't talk about one budgetary item. They're like, 'Ah man, Prof. Martire, this is a really weird way to teach a budget.'"

After Rhode Island pushed a law banning CRT in the classroom, teachers at a Rhode Island high school offered extra credit for testifying in favor of critical race theory. Third-graders at an elementary school in San Jose, California were asked to draw an identity map that listed race, religion and "gender" — among other things. Teachers asked students to "circle identities that hold power and privilege on [their] map."

It's often said that children are the future, which makes it especially worrying that children are being taught racial theories in school.

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