Pro-Lifers Demand #cleanvaccine

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by Martina Moyski  •  •  August 27, 2020   

'Stop using aborted babies for COVID-19 vaccine research!'

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FRONT ROYAL, Va. ( - A major pro-life advocacy group is urging U.S. citizens to demand a clean COVID-19 vaccine.

PRI president Steven Mosher

The Population Research Institute (PRI) is calling on Americans to contact key officials to demand they cease and desist coronavirus vaccine research that uses cell lines harvested from aborted babies. PRI recommends giving "a strong push" to Health and Human Services (HHS) secretary Alex Azar to conduct baby-safe research. It also recommends pressuring President Trump and Vice President Pence to support a #cleanvaccine.

On Wednesday, PRI president Steven Mosher talked to Church Militant about Americans' right to vaccines untainted by abortion.

"As the potential 'consumers' of a vaccine, we as Americans have a right to demand certain 'consumer protections,' chief among which would be a vaccine that does not make us complicit — however remotely — in the death of innocents," he said.

Mosher also put forth a moral argument, comparing his objection to a vaccine made from an aborted baby to the practice of killing a human being in order to harvest his organs for profit.

"Just as I would not go to China for a heart transplant, knowing that it would result in the execution of an organ 'donor,' so I would not want to live with the knowledge that my protection from the China virus had been purchased at the price of someone's life," he said.

To expedite the petition process, PRI has set up a platform on its website for the public to send pre-written, audience-specific letters — allowing space for personal comments of up to 250 words — to Azar, Trump and Pence.

HHS secretary Alex Azar

A letter to Secretary Azar "respectfully, but firmly," asks the HHS and other relevant parties "to cease participating in or providing funding for any research that uses human fetal cell lines or tissues derived from an aborted human fetus or human embryo to develop a vaccine or therapeutic for the 2019 novel coronavirus."

The letter alerts the secretary to the problem a tainted vaccine could pose to conscientious objectors.

"If a 2019-nCoV vaccine is developed using fetal cell lines, many Americans, among them millions of Christians and Catholics, who want to get vaccinated may not be able to do so due to deeply held moral objections to using vaccines developed with fetal cells," it reads.

The letter also reminds Azar of multiple baby-safe methods of developing a vaccine that are faster and do not involve the use of aborted baby cells.

Leading vaccine candidates are in the process of being developed using cell lines that were derived from babies that were aborted in the 1960s and 1970s.

The letters to President Trump and Vice President Pence appeal to their proven pro-life record and remind them to ensure that "no federal funding is awarded or disbursed to any researcher or grant recipient who uses human fetal cell lines or tissue derived from an aborted human fetus for any purpose and at any stage of the research process."

Explaining the urgency of the petition, PRI's website documents that already many leading vaccine candidates are in the process of being developed using cell lines that were derived from babies that were aborted in the 1960s and 1970s.

It lists promising baby-safe alternatives, however, which have a proven track record of success, including:

  • Human placental cells
  • K562 cell line
  • Tobacco plant cells
  • Recombinant DNA.

Some alternatives are slated to begin clinical trials soon, according to the website.

It further reminds American taxpayers that they should not be forced to pay for any research involving cells derived from aborted babies.

Mosher and his PRI team are encouraging all Americans — "before it is too late" — to say "yes" to life and "no" to COVID-19 research using fetal cell lines derived from aborted babies. "We want a clean vaccine for COVID-19!" they say.

To send messages to the government so that it halts all research for a vaccine made from aborted babies or for more information, visit the PRI website or phone (540) 622-5240.

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