CM Exclusive: Hillary Emails Reveal Plot Against Church

News: Government
by Church Militant  •  •  August 19, 2016   

Emails are also damning indictment of US bishops and their failure to fight against contraception

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A Church Militant exclusive reveals Hillary Clinton and the political elite are "fighting a battle" against the Catholic Church. In March, Wikileaks released emails sent to and from Clinton's private email server while she was Secretary of State.

Church Militant discovered leaked emails between Clinton and Neera Tanden denouncing the Catholic Church's opposition to Obamacare's 2012 contraception mandate.

There were a total of three emails in 2012 between then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Tanden, Clinton's campaign policy director for the 2008 presidential election.

The first email from Neera to Clinton recounts how in 1998, Clinton was the first to equate health care with contraception as a fundamental right.

The email reads, "Fourteen years later, the strategy formed in the White House in 1998 is being tested on the national level, as we debate the Obama Administration's contraceptive coverage proposal."

The message then notes how the Catholic bishops failed to resist contraception coverage prior to 2012. Although the U.S. bishops as a body have fought against the federal HHS contraceptive mandate since Obamacare's rollout, before that time individual bishops had failed to fight similar mandates in state laws — a double standard noted by Clinton and her aid.

"How could it be that the Catholic Church did not object, and did not threaten to spend millions of dollars defeating political opponents?" Neera asks. "Simply put, contraception coverage was seen as part and parcel of healthcare access."

Neera hints that the Church should not hide behind religious liberty. "At the time, the Church said that, in its affiliated hospitals, it would 'continue for the immediate future providing the contraception coverage under formal protest.'"

Clinton responded to Neera's email six days later. "Can you believe we are still fighting this battle?" Clinton asked.

Later that same morning on March 18, 2012, Neera responded to Clinton by associating the Catholic Church with "misogyny," claiming Clinton's campaign "exposed" the bishops.

"There's clearly a potent strain of misogyny," the email accuses the bishops, "and some events (contraception, your campaign) finally expose it."

The final line of the email reads: "At least the WH [White House] is over its super panic on this. The Church still scares the crap out [of] a lot of these guys."


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