CM Exclusive: Parents of Sick Toddler Claim He is Being Drugged

by Anita Carey  •  •  March 7, 2018   

Source close to the case claims gross malpractice

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LIVERPOOL, England ( - A source close to Alfie Evan's case claims the hospital is lying about his condition to cover up negligence and keep control over patients.

After Tuesday's appeals court refused to grant permission to appeal a ruling that will result in a toddler being killed, sources are telling Church Militant a different story. Tom Evans' and Kate James' son, Alfie Evans, is a 21-month old boy who has been on a ventilator in Alder Hey Children's Hospital since December 2016 after he contracted a chest infection that caused him to have seizures.

Although it was reported that he is in a coma and unable to breathe on his own, the source told Church Militant that most watching this closely "have seen that Alfie is a victim of heavy anti-seizure drugging — some of his drugs are being given with the dosage of a six-year-old." The source noted, "The family has posted countless videos of Alfie displaying normal baby behaviors, many of them with direct eye contact and even smiles," and explains, "Alfie absolutely feels it all and hears it all and knows who is who, though his heavy sedation make it an effort to show that at times, he responds clearly to his parents and to people he feels good with."

"It's incredible that the hospital has insisted he is 'insensate,' that it's impossible to know if he feels pleasure or pain," the source said, adding, "flat-out lies." The father made it clear in court that multiple doctors and nurses have evaluated the consciousness of Alfie and he does not qualify as 'deep coma'."

The source told Church Militant, "The hospital has been resolute in both saying they have no diagnosis, while saying they are confident he has a neurodegenerative disorder destroying his brain, Yet the MRI and visible behavior evidence shows Alfie is not rapidly degenerating as they claimed. They have lied in every possible way on the stand and have committed gross malpractice and neglect of Alfie, and they are determined to cover it up by killing him and not treating his known needs or letting anyone diagnose him honestly."

Alfie "began having myoclonic spasms when he was around five months old," the source said, noting that after his first real seizure in the hospital, "the hospital began drugging him heavily, overdosing on dangerous combinations and causing real damage to his brain, which they by turns admit and deny." The source also explained that the types of breathing and feeding tubes necessitate Alfie to be sedated so that he doesn't gag.

Alfie is visibly waking up.

Since the parents have introduced CBD oil, "it has been helping to manage the seizures enough to have two (out of four) of these heavy anti-convulsive meds reduced — and Alfie is visibly and calmly waking up."

The source said, "I have a list of at least 12 types of treatment he could benefit from trying and none of them have been given to him properly, if at all." The source continues, "Alfie could move home within a matter of a few weeks if he had the tracheostomy and PEG [a feeding tube placed directly into the stomach], and reasonable seizure management," noting "his seizures are really myoclonic spasms, which look like twitching and blinking and eyes a bit affected, but not frothing grand mals with arms flailing ... and these spasms are reducing greatly in the last two months."

The family offered several witnesses to testify to the effects of the medications, including an epileptic adult on the same medications as Alfie. The source told Church Militant, " She wrote a testimony explaining how the drugs make it difficult to open one's eyes or move at all, feeling 'heavy' and pain being dulled but hearing 'everything' — I could even tell the nurses who were speaking about confidential medical information about other patients."

Hayden refused to allow any of the family's witnesses to testify other than two doctors.

"It raises the question that the father has posed many times: 'If these doctors at Alder Hey spent even a fraction of the time that I do with my son, they'd have to admit that he is not 'insensate' but completely responsive and in relationship with us,'" the source said.

The source also noted that the Alfie "has an invitation from the Bambino Gesu hospital in Rome, offering care for the rest of his life," adding, "However there has been a grossly exaggerated debate over whether it was too risky to move Alfie."

The fact is Alfie is stable, not dying," the source said, "and people are airlifted around the world all the time in truly life-threatening conditions for longer distances than a short hop in Europe. It is insulting to the entire medical transport profession to suggest that Alfie would be too tricky to move."

"The fact is Alfie is stable, not dying, and people are airlifted around the world in truly life-threatening condition for longer distances all the time," the source said. "It is insulting to the entire medical transport profession to suggest that Alfie would be too tricky to move."

Doctor Matthias Hubner is the medical director of a pediatric air ambulance company in Munich, and he was flown in to assess Alfie's fitness for transport. "In an effort to avoid the contamination of assessment which Alder Hey blatantly caused with three doctors visiting from the Bambino Gesu, Dr. Hubner was brought in privately as a legitimate guest of the parents, who have the right to admit any guest they choose without prior announcement."

"There was no claim of 'family friend,' and there was no hiding," the source claimed. "It was simply quiet and unassuming and a private visit, undiscussed with the hospital, in order to preserve his independent assessment and access to Alfie without interference." The source added, "The hospital knew he was there, as nursing records prove and did nothing." The source added, "If talking with him was so important to them, they had but to ask, and the family was under no obligation or regulation requiring it." Explaining their rationale, the source said:

The family's concern was well-founded, beyond the travesty of the Bambino Gesu visit. First, the hospital manipulated visits of doctors they wanted for court, without informing the parents that it was for anything but diagnostic or tracheostomy advising. Doctor Samuels was manipulated in under false pretenses so that he could be seen as someone the parents would use as their witness on their invitation, when the parents did not know his outrageous history or connection with a famous euthanasia case or realise he would condemn their child in court.

Further, when the court-approved intensivist Dr. Nikolaus Haas arrived from Munich, the hospital pretended he was unknown and unauthorized and put him alone in a room for thirty minutes, refusing to acknowledge the clear statement that he was court-identified and approved in advance.

The source said, "Dr. Haas was so appalled at the hospital's intent to end Alfie's life in such a brutal way, a situation he likened to the Nazis, that upon his arrival back home in Munich, he offered to perform all denied testing and the key procedures needed (namely, the tracheostomy and the PEG feeding tube) for Alfie to be able to transition to live at home, which he unequivocally declared was in his best interests."

"The judge mocked and dismissed the Nazi reference, saying 'he doesn't understand our culture,'" the source said, adding, "Oh? And what if the Nazi had said that at Nuremburg? What part of condemning disabled children to an inhumane and degrading death, in violation of their human rights and the rights of their parents, is British culture? What is there to understand but the truth?"

The source also pointed out that "normal international practice does not allow for leaving any patient on an endotracheal tube for more than four weeks, while Alfie has been stuck with this invasive tube for over a year."

The source pointed out that "after an abusively long period with an endotracheal tube, a 'weaning' process must happen with a tracheostomy surgery, which makes the patient more comfortable, allows the breathing muscles to rebuild their capacity, allows freer communication and because one doesn't gag, does not require sedation after the surgery, unlike the ET tube." The source added:

It is important to note that anyone intubated with an endotracheal tube for more than a month begins to suffer atrophy of the muscles used for breathing and erosion of the tracheal wall, so that sudden removal of the tube would either cause a swift collapse of the trachea, ie. strangulation or fatal exhaustion from the exertion of breathing, as in Isaiah Haastrup's case.

The February 20 ruling by Justice Hayden mandating the sudden removal of Alfie's ventilator will "cause him to die of suffocation."

The source told Church Militant, "Another rejected witness was Patrik Hutzel, a German ICU/PICU nurse who has also worked in Alder Hey." Hutzel runs two patient advocacy groups, Intensive Care Hotline and Intensive Care at Home that provide support and information to offer "a genuine alternative to a long-term stay in Intensive Care."

The entire case seems to be an attempt to make an example of the Evans family so that fewer will attempt to fight this in the coming years.

Hutzel wrote a statement about standard ventilation care where he insisted "that Alfie should have a tracheostomy and a PEG feeding tube and be transitioned to live at home" and was ready to testify at the February trial. The source said, "He received an email from the court on the day he was to take the stand via video, reading 'You will not be needed.'"

The source claims, "The hospital is probably loathe to cover the cost of Alfie's home care ... but more than that they are absolutely committed to their power play in deciding who lives and dies and when."

The source said "it's an attempt by the government to keep these hospital cases handled quietly," noting the abuse of the doctors, in this case, were "intended as a deterrent of any more decent doctors from visiting condemned patients, so that cases can be rushed through robbing the parents of their opportunity to fight for their children."

"The entire case seems to be an attempt to make an example of the Evans and Haastup families so that fewer will attempt to fight this in the coming years," the source said.

Priests for Life has started an email petition to contact lawmakers and the Care Quality Commision to advocate for Alfie's life. Nearly 200,000 people have signed a petition to Alder Hey demanding Alfie is released. Donations to Alfie's crowdfunding site can be found here.


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