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by Paul Murano  •  •  October 1, 2020   

Mailers also sent to non-citizens

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DENVER ( - Colorado officials are reminding dead people and illegal aliens to register for voting in November's presidential election.

Secretary of State Jena Griswold of Colorado has postcard mailers going out to all occupants in her state, urging them to get registered. However, Denver affiliate CBS4 discovered last week that some of these mailers were addressed to the deceased, residents of other states and illegal aliens.

Secretary of State Jena Griswold of Colorado

Colorado resident Karen Anderson confirmed she received one of these postcards in the mail that was addressed to her mother.

"[This] sounds really nice, except my mother has been dead four years and she hasn't lived, voted, owned property, worked, or done anything other than visit Colorado since 1967," revealed Anderson.

"I don't know where they're harvesting names from but (they're) doing it without obviously doing any kind of check," she continued. "You hear about them trying to register dead people, but I never really thought I'd see it. How many went out that nobody called in about it?"

The original story has since been deleted from the CBS4 website, but not before being picked up by other news outlets.

In addition to Anderson's mother, CBS4 reported they found a dozen more examples of misdirected mailings, including "a deceased woman in Las Animas County, six migrant workers in Otero County, a Canadian in Douglas County, a man from Lebanon in Jefferson County, and a British citizen in Arapahoe County."

You hear about them trying to register dead people, but I never really thought I'd see it. How many went out that nobody called in about it?

Judd Choate, director the secretary of state's elections division, was called on for damage control to explain the greater context of the mailer postcards:

Yes, it's true that occasionally it will go to a person that it shouldn't go to, someone who's already registered or somebody that's below the age of 18, but the vast, vast majority go to the people who are eligible and then many of them follow-up and become registered voters and they get their ballot in the mail and can vote in our election.

Choate did not bring up, however, the illegal immigrants and dead persons who received these mailers along with those "already registered" and those "below the age of 18" whom he did mention.

Griswold, a Democrat, defended the state's mailer at a Center for American Progress event, entitled "America's right to vote." She claimed the mailing list came from the company Electronic Registration Information Center, which makes use of the Social Security Death Index and DMV records to identify eligible voters. The company also places the qualifications needed for citizens to vote on the postcards, she contended.

The Download - Hijacking the Election

Griswold explained her reason for sending the postcards and sought to clarify the difference between postcard reminders and mail-in ballots:

I think the key is that the mailing to encourage potentially unregistered people to register is not the same mailing as our ballot mailing. Those are two separate universes. When we send you a ballot or the county clerk sends out a ballot, those are to people who are registered. This postcard, encouraging people to register, goes to people who are potentially eligible but unregistered, and you know, the mailings aren't always 100% correct.

"The fact that the list, or the postcard, goes to a few people who are not eligible to be registered is why we put so prominently on the postcard the qualifications to vote in this election," Griswold added.

The progressive secretary of state is unhappy with President Trump's views on mail-in ballots. On Saturday, Griswold tweeted out her displeasure regarding Trump's warnings about the dangers of mail-in voting.

"I urge Americans to ignore what @realDonaldTrump says on vote by mail," she decried. "He's lying to try to keep power. Please make sure your registration is up-to-date, make plan to vote early, and vote a mail ballot if available!"

She also attacked President Trump last month in the New York Times, insinuating that he's interfering in allowing a fair and free election to take place.

There is something that we should all be able to agree on and that is well-functioning elections.

"The president has shown a degree of disrespect to this country that is just un-American," Griswold complained. "There is something that we should all be able to agree on and that is well-functioning elections."

Griswold noted around 750,000 Coloradans have already received the registration-reminder postcard this year. She expects around 10% of them will end up registering to vote.

This story comes amidst multiple reports of mail-in ballots being discovered across the country in trash bins and containing wrong voter information.

For example, in Virginia, a thousand duplicate ballots were sent to voters. In Michigan, ballots sent to troops overseas erroneously listed libertarian Jeremy Cohen as Trump's running mate rather than Vice President Mike Pence. And last week in Wisconsin, three trays of mail with absentee ballots were found in a ditch.

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