Pro-Lifers Face Continued Violence, Vandalism

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by David Nussman  •  •  July 23, 2019   

Several cases of vandalism in recent month targeting pro-lifers

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DETROIT ( - Pro-lifers continue facing vandalism, including on college campuses.

Earlier this month, a pro-life mobile care clinic was vandalized by pro-abortion activists.

The van, belonging to pro-life group Human Coalition, was parked outside a newly opened Planned Parenthood location in Charlotte, North Carolina. Sometime between the evening of July 11 and the morning of July 12, the van was hit with spray-paint graffiti reading "PRC lies to women."


Human Coalition's van was there to offer women free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds.

Lauren Enriquez, public relations manager for Human Coalition, said in a statement to Live Action News, "Human Coalition serves families and rescue children in Charlotte, where thousands of children are killed in abortion each year and multiple abortion facilities disproportionately target minority children for extermination."

The same night as the vandalism happened, pro-abortion group Reproaction had a webinar criticizing Human Coalition, accusing the pro-life group of "anti-abortion trickery" and running "fake clinics."

Reports note that the timing of the webinar and the vandalism was potentially a coincidence.

In other news, a report from The Blaze published July 15 tells of how a woman was caught on video at the University of Wisconsin-Madison vandalizing a pro-life display and getting into a physical confrontation with a pro-lifer.

It appears that the poster she vandalized was an image of an unborn baby's corpse, killed in an abortion.

The 21-year-old woman, Sasha Timofeeva, approached a pro-life display from Created Equal on April 22 and vandalized it with spray paint. A pro-lifer manning the signs tried to get Timofeeva to stop, and she said to him, "F*** you. They're triggering. They hurt people."

In the video, one passerby can be heard telling Timofeeva, "Yes, honey! You're my hero!"

But a different bystander said, "Ma'am, as someone who agrees with you, you're not doing the right thing here!"

Timofeeva then got into a car and drove away.

After police arrived at the scene, an officer asked the pro-lifers, "If I find her and we have the opportunity to write her a ticket or press charges or anything, how do you all feel about that?"

"Well, we want restitution for the property," a pro-life advocate replied. "So that's certainly what we want."

Ma'am, as someone who agrees with you, you're not doing the right thing here!

Further video footage shows Timofeeva speaking with a police officer while holding a baby.

She admitted to spray-painting the signs, saying, "I just got mad and then painted them."

Timofeeva went on to explain that after she saw the pro-lifers' signs, she "grabbed the paint and drove back there."

The officer asked Timofeeva, "You intentionally sprayed their signs to damage them, knowing that that's what would happen if you did that, knowing that you shouldn't do that?"

"Yeah, pretty much. Like three girls walked by and they said that I'm a hero," Timofeeva replied. "So it was, it was causing a little bit of a scene."

The officer went on to ask her, "How do you think that the people that were doing the demonstrating were feeling while you were doing that?"

Timofeeva answered, "I'm sure not good. Like, I'm damaging their property."

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She added, "But I honestly don't care how they feel."

A Wisconsin court document reveals that Timofeeva was found guilty of "Assaultive Behavior" in June, the same month as her 22nd birthday.

Created Equal said in its YouTube video description, "Pro-abortion activists who commit violence must be held accountable. Thanks to the law enforcement in the video, that is exactly what is happening."

"We refuse to back down in the face of these threats," the group added.

Pro-abortion activists who commit violence must be held accountable. Thanks to the law enforcement in the video, that is exactly what is happening.

Pro-lifers on college campuses have face violence and vandalism on countless occasions over the years.

At Northern Kentucky University, pro-life "Cemetery of the Innocents" displays have been vandalized on at least three occasions: April 2006, October 2013 and October 2017.

Similar vandalisms happened in 2018 at Miami University in Ohio and at Bellarmine University in Louisville, Kentucky.

In May this year, a pro-abortion student vandalized a Cemetery of the Innocents at Whatcom Community College in Washington state.

Also this year, a female student was arrested at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, for trying to steal a sign from pro-life advocates of Created Equal.

For years now, pro-lifers and conservatives have claimed that their voices are being silenced on college campuses all throughout the United States.

It was apparently with this in mind that President Donald Trump signed an executive order on March 21 threatening to revoke federal funding from colleges and universities that fail to protect students' freedom of expression.


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