Hospitalized Cardinal Hit by Disinformation Media

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by Phillipe Champlain  •  •  August 18, 2021   

News of Cdl. Burke's illness omits details, lacks decency

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I just read a sorry piece of tripe that purported itself to be an objective news report. It was nothing of the sort. It was just a spiteful hit piece against the seriously ill Cdl. Raymond Burke.

CNN propaganda against Cdl. Burke

This piece of propaganda against Cdl. Burke is titled "Catholic leader fueled lies about COVID-19 vaccines before ending up on a ventilator." This subjective report put out by CNN was aimed directly at the ill cardinal to punish him for resisting from the onset the great reset of our world through globalists' fear-mongering about everything related to the Wuhan virus. 

What is most revealing about this shameful report is what it does not say. It does not say that the Wuhan virus has a less than 1% morbidity rate. The unstated presumption is that the Wuhan virus is a seriously deadly viral disease. It is not! 

The report also notes that the cardinal was against the COVID vaccines. But there is no mention whatsoever of why the beloved American prelate was against the bulk of the recently rushed-to-market gene therapies that are now being sold to the masses as a cure. 

Unlike the sly hit piece that attacked him, Holy Mother Church has not been silent on the morality of killing human beings. 

Although today abortion is treated as a good for society because the killing portends new healing remedies for others, Cdl. Burke departs from this premise for good reason. He served as the head of the Apostolic Signatura, the highest court in the Roman Catholic Church, from 2006–2014 and holds a JCL (Juris Canonici Licentiata), signifying his mastery of Church teaching. He understands what is and is not morally permissible under the ancient canons of the Church. And unlike the sly hit piece that attacked him, Holy Mother Church has not been silent on the morality of killing human beings. 

In 2005, the Church's Pontifical Academy for Life succinctly articulated that vaccines derived from aborted fetal material are morally illicit. Moreover, the decision stated clearly that any vaccine derived by illicit means can only be used in very grave circumstances. But a virus with a less than 1% morbidity rate does not constitute a grave circumstance. Cardinal Burke, as the erudite canonist that he is, knows well the Church's position, and as such, his opinion on the use of illicitly manufactured vaccines should be respected, not mocked.

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Also telling about the report's true purpose, to spitefully discredit the cardinal and what he preached, is the omission of any reference to how the COVID-19 vaccines are not working against the new variants of this changling virus.

Most recently, Carnival Cruise Line experienced an outbreak despite every person on that ship having proof of COVID "vaccination." The cruise liner had even intentionally reduced capacity from 4,000 to 2,800 to provide ample social distancing capability. None of the measures worked. People got sick anyway, which makes perfect sense if you remember that the shot doesn't provide immunity, only symptom reduction.

This propaganda piece purposely remains dead silent about the truth behind the COVID vaccines and why Cdl. Burke opposed them.

Cases such as these clearly reveal that even if everyone gets the shot, SARS-CoV-2 will mutate and continue to circulate, taking people out here and there. To think that giving up basic rights and freedoms is the answer simply isn't logical. Taking responsibility for your own health is, and that includes deciding if and how you want to protect yourself from SARS-CoV-2.

Not everyone is deathly afraid of COVID-19. Many realize there are safe and effective treatments available. This includes the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC), which offers a list of where to find affordable, effective medication.

Lamentably, the reporter thinks a piece like this is acceptable in some fashion (no wonder, considering this network's past attacks on Christianity). But this so-called journalism is not acceptable in any sense of the word. An objective take on the cardinal's recent hospitalization would have been something like: "Cardinal Raymond Burke, a known critic of Pope Francis and opponent of vaccines manufactured through the use of stem cells obtained by abortion, has recently been hospitalized for COVID. Family and friends of the conservative American cardinal request prayers for his behalf."

May we all pray for our beloved cardinal's full recovery from COVID-19.

This so-called news is neither objective nor compassionate. It reads like mere propaganda, published to spite the cardinal in his illness. May we all pray for our beloved cardinal's full recovery from COVID-19. We need him at this time — healthy and strong in our fight for our Church and our nation. 

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