Complicit Catholic Media

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by Rodney Pelletier  •  •  November 1, 2018   

Michael Voris interviews investigative journalist Jay McNally

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The Catholic establishment media and the American bishops share the guilt of many of the same sins.

For decades, the bishops have used their positions as shepherds of souls and successors of the Apostles to hide grievous crimes perpetrated against the faithful.


The media, once considered the watchdog of the Establishment, has instead become part of the evil. It's especially true for the Catholic establishment media which has become little more than the propaganda organ of corrupt bishops.

In 50 years, the bishops have committed demonically horrific acts against innocent children and adolescents with complete impunity. They allowed homosexuals to invade seminaries en masse in the 1960s and 1970s, changing them from bastions of spiritual formation into homosexual bawdy houses with nicknames like "the pink palace" and the "theological closet."

Michael Rose, in his shocking book Goodbye, Good Men: How Liberals Brought Corruption Into the Catholic Church reveals just how pervasive homosexuality has become in American seminaries.

And in that time, the Catholic establishment media has been silent about the homosexual infestation of the priesthood and the episcopacy. Despite the fact they have had direct access to sources to corroborate the stories of whistleblowers and witnesses, the media chose to remain silent. Even now, in the face of so much more information coming out, the Catholic media has largely chosen to parrot the bishops' talking points without doing any real journalistic work.

To hear more about how the establishment Catholic media has failed the faithful, watch Mic'd Up — Catholic Media Collusion.


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