Congressman Defends Female Athletes

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by Paul Murano  •  •  February 11, 2021   

Challenges Biden transgender policy

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The "Protecting Women and Girls in Sports Act" was introduced Thursday by Republican Senator Mike Lee of Utah.

The bill seeks to nullify President Biden's executive order that allows biological males to compete with female athletes.

Female athlete: "It's just really disappointing to know who's going to win the race before it even starts."

It does so by seeking to withhold Title IX government funding from schools that permit gender-confused males into women's sports.

Pro-family advocate American Principles Project is going to bat for concerned parents by endorsing Lee's bill Friday, calling it a "no-brainer."

Terry Schilling, APP: "Everyone knows this is crazy."

The group informed Church Militant Tuesday that the senate's legislation explicitly clarifies "sex" in Title IX as meaning "biological sex."

The group's director, Terry Schilling, said both political parties should affirm this "common-sense bill."

Terry Schilling: "What the Left is pushing here is so radical. It would overturn decades of advances for women across the country."

This common sense isn't shared by all. White House press secretary Jen Psaki explained,Tuesday why Biden signed the order.

Psaki: "The president believes trans rights are human rights."

And Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has no problem with Biden's transgender policy.

Sen. Schumer: "I agree with the decision and I'm sure he will check things out thoroughly and legally."

But not everyone on the Left concurs with Biden and Schumer.

OAN anchor: "It's interesting to see how feminists respond to this type of stuff."

The new bill seemingly splits the progressive movement by pitting feminism against transgenderism.

Julie Beck: "In many states, men can legally identify themselves as female and gain access to women's single-sex spaces. ... This is a problem."

From a theological perspective, males competing in women's sports appears unjust. God made the sexes not for physical competition, but as complementary halves of humanity. Their spiritual dignity is equal, but their physical differences are obvious.

Female athlete: "Being forced to compete against someone who's biologically a male — it's scientifically proven they are bigger and stronger than women."

Pope Francis came out strongly against gender ideology. Yet, fake Catholic Joe Biden wholeheartedly endorses it.

As the progressive Left tries to blur the sexes, family advocates are pushing back — not only for the sake of female athletes, but also for the future of women sports.

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