Congressmen Push Cancel Culture

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by Paul Murano  •  •  February 25, 2021   

Two Dems want conservatives off the air

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Cancel culture is now being driven by federal lawmakers.

Congress is pressuring cable and internet providers to silence conservative-leaning networks. Two California members of the House of Representatives on Monday wrote a formal letter to 12 of the nation's top media providers.

Representative Jerry McNerney: "My constituents are impacted by these issues, so I'm deeply committed and invested here."

Their message of exclusion was that networks communicating so-called lies and misinformation must be stricken from the airwaves. Networks mentioned in the letter were Newsmax, One America News and Fox News.

Steve Bannon on Tuesday identified the Left's real target in weaponizing cancel culture.

Bannon: "I think you can see it. You look at all the language they're using, all the code words they're using. They're talking about insurrectionists, traitors, white nationalists, white supremacists, you know, all this nonsense ... the real target here is Christianity."

Bannon believes an international cultural divide has transpired, and two opposing sides have emerged.

Bannon: "Where we are today, you have a populist, nationalist, traditionalist — what I would call humanist [group] — versus a globalist, elitist, transhuman and atheistic [group]."

While the nation's First Amendment is now under attack, the greater war is ultimately religious. Bannon echos other Christian leaders calling for Christians to form a Christocentric economy by supporting companies that uphold moral values.


Don't support Disney if you don't like what they do, don't support these retailers and big boxes if you don't like what they do. Don't support the social media companies if you think they're against your core values. You've got to start supporting, economically, those people that really support or reinforce your core values as a Christian.

Bannon uses communist China to highlight the Left's greatest threat.

Bannon: "The single biggest threat President Xi of China sees is not the United States military or the United States or some combination of NATO and the United States. ... The single biggest threat he sees is 300 million Catholics and Christians that are underground in China and growing every day."

In the United States, FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr blasted the two congressmen for their letter to cable providers as a "chilling transgression of free speech."

But the power of the FCC hangs in the balance. When Joe Biden fills the fifth seat, freedom of speech could be severely threatened.

Bannon: "Stolen elections have consequences."

While government and big business collude to stifle opposition to the Left, cancel culture is forcing Christians to think differently on how to engage the battle.

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