Consecrate Russia Now? Why?

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by Fr. Paul John Kalchik  •  •  May 27, 2020   

The need for personal consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

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Recently Cdl. Raymond Burke made a request to the Universal Church and specifically its prelates to consecrate Russia to God. And this was done by His Eminence with some urgency, citing the Blessed Mother's request to the visionaries at Fatima to complete this simple act of devotion to the Almighty.

Cdl. Raymond Burke

Cardinal Burke's request triggered a visceral reaction in me — Our Blessed Mother made this request to the Church of 1917 not to the Church of 2020.

In a sense, at this point in time, 103 years after Fatima, it's way too late to consecrate Russia; Russia has spread her errors throughout the world and call it what you will — atheism, communism, socialism — these errors have become embedded throughout the globe.

As of this date, no group of prelates or Church personnel saying a prayer of consecration for the nation of Russia to God will magically erase the century Russia has been given to spread her errors. Adherents of these errors either run countries already, or have at least found incubators in almost every country in the world.

Even here in the United States, as Bernie Sanders' recent run for the presidency demonstrates, so many in America have bought into the lies of Karl Marx, perhaps not realizing that in the end, they give up all the freedoms that have made this country the greatest in the world.

Namely, they believe in atheistic materialism, not in the Providence of God. Bernie self-identifies not as a member of the Democrat party with which he caucuses, but as a Democratic Socialist, one who advocates leveling the playing field through heavy taxes upon the wealthy and corporations.

Our Blessed Mother made this request to the Church of 1917 not to the Church of 2020.

In America, Bernie has a surprisingly large following, especially among the youth and those voters that do not pay federal income taxes. Since Bernie does not believe in God or His Providence, it's hard to figure out how he proposes leveling anything with equity, without the absolute criteria of fairness, based on natural law. But these problems are nothing for today's Marxists, what makes something right is who has the power. And as a priest, this is what scares me to the core.

Anti-human, socialist-communist forces rule China, Cuba, North Korea and Venezuela, to name a few nations. And as evidenced by Bernie's large following, Russia's errors have made their home here in America, and they are here to stay until we exorcise them.

Though Cdl. Burke's sentiments as expressed at the Roman Life Forum are well placed, "to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary," I fear it's just too late. It won't hurt, certainly, but how many of the current crop of bishops will actually care about it and make it mean something?

To halt the spread of Marxism now, 103 years after Fatima — something more global, more universal and yet more personal, more individual — needs to be done and immediately.

The time for obedience to this mandate may have passed. We cannot know. But we do know that this evil genie is out of the box and is destroying the earth and millions have lost their lives already.

Bernie Sanders

To halt the spread of Marxism now, 103 years after Fatima — something more global, more universal and yet more personal and individual — needs to be done and immediately. No grouping of a few prelates saying a prayer of consecration to Our Blessed Mother is going to contain the contagion that has been loosed upon the world and its many nations.

Though I am certain those participating in such a consecration will be afforded many graces, what is needed now to really contain the contagion of the Marxist virus is a special day for all the faithful — all the faithful — to consecrate themselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

At this point in history, this spiritual battle is playing out worldwide, not just in nations, but in families. What's going to ensure this battle is won, for everyone, is all of us at this moment to engage in the battle by saying additional prayers and fasting, by going to Mass and receiving Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, and by prayerfully, individually consecrating oneself to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Nations are not admitted into heaven, individual souls are. And 103 years after Fatima, the conversations about the apparitions need to focus on saving souls, and not solely the fate of nations, left to those who live within them.

June 20 is the date for the Universal Church to celebrate the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Let us all, worldwide, take the opportunity on this date, this year, to consecrate ourselves to the Immaculate Heart of Our Blessed Mother.

Though I am not a believer in magic of any sort, I am a believer in miracles. I believe in the graces showered down upon the faithful in and through Our Blessed Mother's care. Please take to heart Cdl. Burke's sincere call to action at this spring's Roman Life Forum and consecrate your soul to Mary.

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