Conservative Infighting

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by Trey Brock  •  •  July 5, 2020   

Backlash over bedrock values

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Though the ideological battle between Democrats and Republicans has been going on for over a century, ideological battles within the individual parties themselves are also occurring.

According to the Republican Party platform, the GOP affirms "the dignity of women by protecting the sanctity of human life." 

Members of the GOP expect the party to uphold conservative values — especially on abortion. But that doesn't always happen.

In this week's Mic'd Up, Michael Voris interviews Republican Congressman Steve King of Iowa. King sponsored the federal Heartbeat Protection Act (HR 490) — a measure National Right to Life, America's oldest and largest pro-life organization, refused to support

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King also recently called out his supposed pro-life establishment allies saying, "I do not believe there will be an end to Roe v. Wade until National Right to Life is a defunct organization."

Infighting has always been present in the pro-life movement, but another more current divide among conservatives is the response to the protests and riots after the killing of George Floyd. 

I do not believe there will be an end to Roe v. Wade until National Right to Life is a defunct organization.

Despite the fact that Hillsdale College was founded by abolitionists who fought tirelessly against slavery, alumni recently signed a petition urging Hillsdale's administrators to listen and act, and to condemn systemic racism.

As others piled on, calling out the school to make a statement, an article in The Federalist came to Hillsdale's defense saying, "Hillsdale doesn't need to string a few words together to show its dedication to equality. Its actions speak for itself." 

Congressman Steve King and Hillsdale College are two examples of the backlash one might receive when holding firm to conservative values — not just from the other party, but from those who claim to believe in the same principles.

Watch the full episode of Mic'd UpConservative Infighting.

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