Cooperating With Evil

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by Rodney Pelletier  •  •  April 12, 2021   

The need for authentic Catholic journalism

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This is the time where lies are touted as truth. The basis of journalism should be truth. The truth of any matter should always be of central importance to all journalists, but today's cultural and political climate reveals the opposite.

According to a Rasmussen poll, more than half of likely voters do not trust the media and 54% believe the media is just trying to help Joe Biden pass his agendas. The media, which was massively hostile to President Trump, is daily lobbing softball questions at Biden administration press conferences.

Leftist talking heads discuss a person's truth as if truth changes from one person to another. Truth has become the plaything of those people who hate it — people who hate objective reality outside of themselves.

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Catholic journalism is no different. During more than 20 years of exposed clerical homosexuality, the Catholic media has done less than its secular partners. It wasn't a diocesan newspaper that blew the lid off the homosexual clerical abuse scandal of 2002, it was the secular Boston Globe.

And again, in 2018 it was the New York Times that revealed an investigation into the powerful ex-cardinal Theodore McCarrick, followed by the subsequent Pennsylvania grand jury report outing more than 700 mostly homosexual abusers in dioceses across Pennsylvania.

The truth didn't — and largely still doesn't — matter to most Catholic media outlets.

The Catholic media, with open-door access to the majority of America's chanceries, seminaries and parishes, didn't bother to put in the work. The truth didn't — and largely still doesn't — matter to most Catholic media outlets.

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