CORDAID Funds Planned Parenthood and Dispenses Contraception

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by Michael Hichborn  •  •  May 26, 2015   

A Dutch Catholic charity is funding abortion and contraception

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Cordaid is a development and aid agency that calls itself Catholic, but in reality has not only abandoned its Catholic identity, it works directly against the Faith.


Calling itself “one of the largest development aid organizations in the Netherlands,” Cordaid is a co-founder of Caritas Internationalis. Run by the Vatican, Caritas Internationalis is a confederation of 165 Catholic relief, development and social service organizations operating in over 200 countries and territories worldwide. Its current president is Cardinal Luis Tagle.  According to Caritas Internationalis, Cordaid is the local Caritas affiliate for the Netherlands, and the name Cordaid stands for “Catholic Organisation for Relief & Development Aid.”

Readers here may recall that in 2014, Caritas Internationalis was discovered to be on the governing body of an international Marxist organization known as the World Social Forum.  The connection of Caritas Internationalis will soon become clear.

The Problem with Cordaid

Cordaid claims to be a Catholic organization, and is an affiliate of the Vatican-run Caritas Internationalis.  With the information that follows, it's clear that Cordaid has no place among the members of Caritas Internationalis, and should not be allowed to call itself “Catholic.”

The following information all comes directly from Cordaid itself.

In November of 2012, Cordaid launched a new program called, “Making sexual and reproductive health services work for the next generation.” Cordaid said, “Its aim is to provide a better future for young generations, reduce childbirth mortality among women through more effective family planning and alleviate poverty among families.” According to a spokesman for Cordaid, “There is a clear need for sex education and contraception in the African Great Lakes region.” Cordaid claims to have launched the program because “the availability of more contraceptives could reduce the amount of unwanted pregnancies in developing countries by up to 71 percent.” In addition to providing access to contraception, Cordaid identifies its part in the program as follows:

Cordaid will make sure that sex education is made available on a large scale for girls and boys, through schools and youth organizations. Finally, Cordaid will expose and counter the local myths and superstitions relating to anti-conception.

In 2013, Cordaid began a project to make contraception available to young people in Burundi, Congo, and Rwanda. The summary for the project makes clear the alleged “need” for contraception:

Evidence has shown that access to better Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) care and family planning can provide tremendous health gains. When all women who want to avoid unintended pregnancy were to use modern contraceptives, the number of unintended pregnancies in developing countries would decrease by 71 percent, from 75 million to 22 million annually.

 Established in the goals, Cordaid expressly states:

We aim to improve the sexual and reproductive health for women and youth in Burundi, Rwanda and DR Congo (South Kivu). The program will directly contribute to three of the four outcomes of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs namely:

- A growing number of people have access to contraceptives and other commodities required for good sexual and reproductive health.

In the Project Plan section on Cordaid's description of this program, it again affirms its intention to provide access to contraception:

[T]he program will ensure that SRH and family planning will be integrated in other health services, through premiums in the Performance Based Financing system and training of all actors involved, and that contraceptive commodities will become more affordable, through a voucher system targeting vulnerable groups.

In 2012, Cordaid made clear that it distributed condoms in the Congo. Under the Project Plan portion of this page on its website, Cordaid said:

CORDAID will conduct prevention and care services in 110 Health Zones including:

-Condom distribution

In 2013, Cordaid indicated that its project in Malawi included work to ensure that “the district hospital and central medical stores ensure constant provision of supplies condoms and other family planning methods.”

In Sierra Leone in 2012, Cordaid increased access to condoms and boldly proclaimed that its 2011 project “included advocacy by the network and stakeholders to improve reproductive health care and but also placed emphasis on access to health services andsupplying contraceptives for teenagers with little or no cost.”

There are many other projects conducted by Cordaid wherein it easily and readily admitted its own distribution or provision of condoms and abortifacient contraception (such as hormonal contraceptives), but this brief sampling suffices to make the point. However, perhaps more disturbing than its own distribution of contraception is the fact that Cordaid has partnered with several affiliates of the Catholic Church’s number one public enemy, Planned Parenthood.

Undermining the authority of the bishops of the Philippines (including Cardinal Tagle, who comes from the Philippines), Cordaid partnered with Family Planning Organization of the Philippines in 2013, which is an affiliate of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF).

According to Cordaid's project page on sex-education in the Philippines, Cordaid provided €220,491 to a Planned Parenthood affiliate to implement sex-education programs for adolescents.  The screen capture below shows the budget for the “implementing partner,” which was Family Planning Organization of the Philippines. And for the record, this link to FPOP's website shows that it is indeed an affiliate of IPPF.

In Sierra Leone, in 2011, Cordaid established a relationship with Planned Parenthood of Sierra Leone (PPA-SL), and in 2012 partnered with PPA-SL on a teen-pregnancy reduction project.

Under the Project Plan on Cordaid's webpage, it clearly stated that Cordaid actually funded Planned Parenthood:

In 2011, Cordaid funded the organization the Planned Parenthood Association of Sierra Leone (PPA-SL) in a small programme designed to address the problems around teenage pregnancies in six communities in the Western Area of Sierra Leone (Goderich, Lumley, Juba, Grafton, Hastings and Rokel). The current project is designed to utilize the lessons learned and to scale up the initiative.

This partnership was not an isolated incident. Cordaid again funded PPA-SL in 2014.

Planned Parenthood isn’t the only abortion-providing institution being funded by Cordaid, either.  In 2013, Cordaid funded an affiliate of Marie Stopes International called Banja la Mtsogolo with over half-a-million Euros.  According to the Project Plan, Cordaid funded this affiliate of Marie Stopes International for the complete provision of all forms of birth control, including sterilization.  In part, the Project Plan says:

The main activities are:
Activity 1. Provide Family Planning (FP) and other Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) services through BLM’s outreach program.
– A full range of FP services are provided, with an emphasis on where short-term methods are already available. These include: LAPM (Long Acting and Permanent Methods)

The rest of the project plan is just as morally reprehensible.


The co-founder of Caritas Internationalis called Cordaid is very clearly rebelling against the Catholic Church.  Caritas Internationalis, clearly, has its own issues considering its presence on the governing body of a pro-abortion, pro-homosexuality, pro-communist entity called the World Social Forum, so this seems to be par for the course.  Contact Cardinal Tagle and respectfully ask that he expel Cordaid from among the ranks of Caritas Internationalis and also to completely disaffiliate Caritas Internationalis from the World Social Forum as well.

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Also, be sure to contact Cor Unum to alert them to the situation as well:
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Michael Hichborn

Michael is the founder and president of the Lepanto Institute. Formerly, he served American Life League for nearly eight years as the director of the "Defend the Faith" project, host of the American Life League Report, and director of communications.