Corrupting Kids

by Stephen Wynne  •  •  January 31, 2019   

Activists force LGBT ideology on children

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LGBT activists are ramping up efforts to indoctrinate children inside and outside the classroom.

Across the country, initiatives like "Drag Queen Story Hour" — the latest tactic in the broader campaign to "convert" kids to the pro-LGBT worldview — are growing.

Likewise, groups dedicated to normalizing transgenderism through the education system are mushrooming, targeting children with the message that biological sex is changeable; that gender is a social construct instead of a scientific fact.

Under the guise of "education," they indoctrinate, imposing their propaganda on impressionable young minds.

So-called "Gay-Straight Alliances" unite in-school pro-gay activists to promote the LGBT agenda and collaborate with groups like Planned Parenthood to force radical sex education programs on students.

These programs are designed to desensitize students to sex and undermine whatever religious or moral perspective was first planted in them by parents and clergy.

Because they're natural allies, Planned Parenthood and like-minded groups strongly back pro-gay activists and their mutually reinforcing agendas.

Watch the panel discuss LGBT activists indoctrinating children in The Download—Corrupting Kids.

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