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by Kristine Christlieb  •  •  April 7, 2021   

White men to blame

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If you believe the mainstream media, mass shootings are overwhelmingly committed by white males. Columnist Austin Ruse describes the media's favorite storyline. "There is a narrative that kicks in almost immediately when there is a mass shooting. And it's a narrative of the mainstream media as well as the political Left, including the 'Catholic' political Left. And that is that mass shootings are almost exclusively the domain of white men," Ruse told Church Militant.

The media's efforts at pumping out this narrative have been effective. "All this really jumped out at me because I kind of believed the narrative too, until I started looking into it," Ruse confessed. But he says — when it comes to what counts as a mass shooting — the Devil's in the definitions.

"There's no agreed-upon definition of what is a 'mass shooter.' The traditional way media looks at mass shootings is the sniper at Las Vegas who doesn't know anybody and just wants to kill as many strangers as he possibly can," Ruse explained.

Given that definition, mass shootings are extremely rare and white men are mostly responsible, but Ruse wants to use another definition. If you expand the definition to any shooting with at least four victims, the demographic changes dramatically, and what we find is that more than 60 — between 60 and 70 — percent of mass shootings are committed by black men.

And these are shootings that happen in neighborhoods, at birthday parties and barbeques.

"Most victims of mass shootings are black; most of them are ignored by the mainstream media because there is a narrative that mass shootings are Las Vegas, Parkland, Sandy Hook," Ruse pointed out.

Ruse's closing reflections were about the absence of fathers and their importance in men's lives. 

"I think fathers are so remarkably important, especially to sons, that sons can spin off into madness," Ruse suggested.

The leftist media also have found mass shootings useful in their drive to control gun ownership. But, as Ruse points out, their narrative doesn't stand up.

Read Austin Ruse's column "Most Mass Shooters Are Not White" here.

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