CPAC Daily Report: Gutting the Culture

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by Michael Voris, S.T.B.  •  •  February 28, 2020   

The Left needs to be resisted and defeated

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Sen. Josh Hawley: "What the liberals want to do is they want to get Big Tech when we are in power, when Donald Trump is in the White House. They want to bully Big Tech into censoring us. When they're in power, the liberals are in power, they know that Big Tech will on their own suppress our voices."

Missouri's junior U.S. Sen. Josh Hawley has had enough with the Left's war path against conservatism.

Sen. Josh Hawley: "If Facebook and Twitter and Google, if they are not going to give conservatives the same treatment as liberals, if they're going to discriminate on the basis of political speech, then they shouldn't be getting special deals from government. It's just that simple."

He was joined in his war cry on stage by Donald Trump, Jr.

Donald Trump, Jr.: "The bias and the censorship is going so much further than just the social media platforms. It's going in to your everyday life. And this is what they're going to keep doing. You see it getting worse and worse. I've been saying this — it's a dry run for 2020. How much of that message can we eliminate? How much damage can we do to their ability to fundraise, to give the other side the advantage? We're not asking for favoritism. Trust me, I'll take these guys one on one on any of these issues and we will win. "

Both men see Giant Tech as part of the much larger cultural battle, where the Left uses their dominance of cultural institutions to crush all opposition.

They were joined today by other speakers who all agreed the time for allowing the culture to be gutted has come to an end. This has become a bare-knuckles fight, a good old-fashioned street brawl.

One by one, multiple speakers blasted the Marxist ideology that has come to dominate and destroy large swaths of the culture using a variety of philosophies and tactics.

John Miller: "If you say that you love this country, if you say that America is the greatest country in the world, if you say that America was not evil and indecent from its inception, you dont have a voice. If you say that you don't want to bust open the borders wide open, you don't have a voice. If you say I don't believe there are 5 million genders, you don't have a voice. In the same way the Great Awakening kind of sparked the Revolution, the Great Awokening is going to actually destroy the country. William F. Buckley famously said we have to sit there and we have to say stop to people. We're past that point. We can't just say stop. We have to fight back and reverse all the destruction that these people have done to the country."

Attendees at CPAC 2020, along with conservatives all over America, have the sense that they are no longer on the defensive, that there is a culture that needs taking back — and they are determined to do just that.

Joshua Phillips: "It is the dictatorship of the prol. It is where the government has seized every single part of society and uses every single part of that society to drive it towards the goals of communism. It is meant to annihilate our moral values, to annihilate your religion, to annihilate your culture. And the communist manifesto, it says that communism destroys all religion and all morality. And we make the mistake of negotiating with these socialists just on the basis of economics, but in reality it is about metaphysics and ontology. It is about attacking and destroying your values, your culture, your ideas and the foundations of our society."

President Donald Trump is scheduled to speak here tomorrow before what will predictably be a wild throng. He will pitch his message that this election is the culmination of a war that has been being fought behind the scenes for decades — and thanks to him, has been brought out into the open and become decisive.

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