Thugs Attack Missionaries of Charity, Desecrate Chapel

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by Aaron Maxwell  •  •  August 30, 2016   

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MAR DEL PLATA, Argentina ( - Criminals attacked nuns of the Missionary Sisters of Charity in their Mar del Plata home this past Thursday, August 25. After beating them, the criminals proceeded to desecrate the tabernacle of their chapel.

After the vandalism, the thugs stole 50 pesos — all the money the sisters had. They also searched the house taking the few goods remaining.

The Missionary Sisters of Charity is an order founded by Bd. Teresa of Calcutta in 1950. The order has 4,500 sisters who take vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, and provide free service to the poor. Mother Teresa is to be formally declared a saint by Pope Francis on September 4.

The order has been in Mar del Plata for 20 years, helping whomever they can by assisting people ill with AIDS and carrying out daily works of charity by helping the poor in the large neighborhood where their house is situated.

As reported by ChurchMilitant, a separate attack on four Missionary Sisters of Charity took place in March, in which the sisters and 12 lay employees were killed by rebels in a convent in Aden in Southern Yemen. The priest at the convent was able to consume all the Hosts before the militants kidnapped him. His whereabouts remain unknown.


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