Crisis of Fatherlessness

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by Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th.  •  •  July 5, 2018   

As the father goes, so goes the family and so goes society

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Satan is attacking the family now, as he attacked the first family in the Garden of Eden, by attacking the head of the family — the father.

Chapter three of Genesis recounts how Satan attacked Adam as the head and defender of the family by going directly to Eve. Satan divided the family, and the family fell. But it was still Adam's fall that caused society to fall into original sin.

He's using the same strategy today. As statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau show, one in three children do not live with their biological fathers — that translates to some 24 million children. The hardest hit are African-American children — some 57 percent live apart from their father.


Statistics prove the old adage, "As the family goes, so goes society."

Research shows children living without their biological fathers have twice the risk of infant mortality and a seven-times higher rate of teen pregnancy. They're also four times more likely to live in poverty, twice as likely to be obese and twice as likely to drop out of school. These children are more likely to be abused, commit crime, have behavioral problems and abuse drugs or alcohol.

Cardinal Raymond Burke, former chief of the Vatican's highest court, speaks on the spiritual value of the family:

"The young families should understand, from the very beginning of the married life, that the home is a little church. In other words, if the husband and wife participate in the love of God, which is faithful, lasting, enduring and procreative, fruitful, then the home is a little sanctuary."

Our Lady of Fatima foretold in 1917 that Satan's final attack would be against the family. Contraception, no-fault divorce, abortion and same-sex "marriage" are all part of his attack.

Watch the panel discuss how society falters without dads raising children in The Download—Crisis of Fatherlessness.


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