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by Joseph Enders  •  •  June 25, 2021   

Voters rejecting public schools

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DETROIT ( - American voters and President Trump want alternative options to public education.

A dad destroys critical race theory 

Republicans show the strongest support for parental choice of schools, at 83%. Even 70% of Democrats favor the voucher programs, with 69% of Independents supporting it. According to a RealClear Opinion Research poll published Tuesday, nearly three-quarters of American voters said they strongly or somewhat support school choice. Only 16% oppose it, while 10% are unsure.

These stats coincide with Trump's June 18 commentary condemning the divisive curricula currently being taught in K–12 public schools.

"In classrooms across the nation, students are being subjected to a new curriculum designed to brainwash them with the ridiculous left-wing dogma known as 'critical race theory,'" he writes.

Nearly three-quarters of American voters said they strongly or somewhat support school choice.

Trump likens these Marxist theories to psychological abuse — noting woke civic education isn't just teaching kids that American "history is evil," but that "Americans" are evil. He asserts Biden has a role in perpetuating what he calls "brainwashing":

Indoctrinating generations of children with these extreme ideas is not just immoral — it is a program for national suicide. Yet that is exactly what the Biden administration endorsed recently in a rule published in the Federal Register aimed at inflicting a critical race theory-inspired curriculum on American schoolchildren.

This new rule, according to Trump, includes several radical citations — including the New York Times Magazine's 1619 project — which encourages revisionist interpretations of the Declaration of Independence. 

This alternate history rejects the ethnic identity of White Americans — encouraging ideas that "whiteness" (acting like a White person) is inextricable from White supremacy.

Opponents of critical race theory are pushing back on every front

The 45th president points out the Biden rule, additionally, cites radical Marxist author Ibram X. Kendi — whose book, How to Be an Antiracist, openly advocates for discrimination.

It would appear fighting CRT is becoming a top educational issue for parents nationwide.

"The only remedy to racist discrimination is antiracist discrimination. The only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination. The only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination," the textbook claims.

Trump introduces a plan for politicians and parents who want to expel these racist curricula from their schools: 

  • Ban taxpayer funding for schools pushing critical race theory (CRT)
  • Create a 1776 Commission at all American schools to encourage patriotic education
  • Pass laws that require public schools to share their lesson plans with parents
  • Organize parents to eliminate attempts to revise traditional civics education
  • Give parents who object to CRT a tax voucher so they can send their child to a school of their choice
  • Ensure states set up alternative credentialing bodies to properly vet new teachers
  • Abolish tenure for K-12 teachers (let incompetent teachers be fired)

Eleven states have already begun banning CRT curricula from their schools. These include; Florida, Texas, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Idaho, Tennessee, Georgia, Montana, Utah, New Hampshire and Iowa. Several more states are also proposing legislation to ban the woke lesson plans.

With parents now busting down the doors of school board meetings and President Trump having their backs — it would appear fighting CRT is becoming a top educational issue for parents nationwide.

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