‘Crosses Out, Cross-Dressers In’

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by Samuel McCarthy  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  March 9, 2023   

Irish Catholic schools push back against trans agenda

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DUBLIN (ChurchMilitant.com) - Catholic schools in Ireland are speaking out against government initiatives that seek to bring transsexual indoctrination to children.

Roderic O'Gorman

This week, news broke of the Catholic Primary Schools Management Association opposing new government proposals to introduce pro-trans propaganda into primary school curricula.

The Catholic organization wrote a letter to government ministers, explaining, "CPSMA believe that it is neither prudent, nor age appropriate, to attempt to teach primary school children about 'what it means to be transgender.'"

The letter was specifically addressed to Roderic O'Gorman, Ireland's minister for children and equality. O'Gorman is openly gay and "married" to another man. In January, he called for pro-trans education courses to be introduced to primary school children as a matter of "understanding ... the diversity of our society."

O'Gorman was later backed by the openly gay taoiseach (Ireland's term for prime minister), Leo Varadkar, and the tánaiste (deputy prime minister), Micheál Martin. Varadkar stated:

I think the purpose of the education system is to prepare children for life, to teach them about the world. Trans people exist, they've always existed, and I think it makes more sense in schools to just inform children about the world around them. It doesn't have to be a value judgment as to whether it's right or wrong.

Martin openly criticized CPSMA for daring to oppose the increasingly radical trans agenda and said, "I think letters of that kind are not the way to deal with these issues. I think that there has to be a sensitivity around this... ."

The president of Ireland, Michael Higgins, also supported the agenda. He said that primary school children should be taught about "sexuality in the fullest sense."

Michael Higgins, Ireland's President

The CPSMA letter enumerates three reasons for opposing trans propaganda for children. The first is the simple fact that "the science is far from settled on this matter ...  and there is currently an intense international debate on the appropriate treatment of children with gender dysphoria."

The second is what CPSMA refers to as "psychological contagion," citing the disproportionate recent increase in females seeking transsexual hormone-altering drugs or even mutilative surgeries, as well as the noteworthy example of the U.K.'s Tavistock "Gender Identity Disorder Services" clinic. The clinic was shut down last year after a government report found so-called therapists were rushing — and in some cases pressuring — children and teens into life-altering hormone drug regimens and even genital mutilation surgery procedures. 

Lastly, CPSMA cited O'Gorman himself and his observation of the controversy surrounding the trans issue. The Catholic group concluded its letter by politely refuting the arguments for giving young children a so-called trans education:

We believe such a policy would be counterproductive, generating unnecessary divisions in school communities where none now exists, but more seriously might add to a growing psychological contagion amongst young and vulnerable children. We believe a more prudent and sensible policy is to teach children to respect every human being, and to allow children to be children.

CPSMA is responsible for 89% of primary schools in Ireland and over 500,000 students.

Rainbow Rule

The LGBT lobby has already dominated the once deeply Catholic Emerald Isle on a cultural level, but Catholic teaching, as CPSMA's so-far lone response testifies, stands in stark opposition to it. Therefore, in addition to trans brainwashing, globalist Irish elites have also introduced measures to reduce religious education in primary schools.

Faithful Catholic Hermann Kelly, president of the Irish Freedom Party, told Church Militant, "The Irish government isn't really reducing religious education, just changing to a new religion — that of LGBTIQ ideology. ... The government is putting on a push, a kulturkampf for 'Crosses out, cross-dressers in.'"

News Report: Ireland's Angry Trans Mob

Kelly's Catholic brother-in-arms Michael Leahy, chairman of the Irish Freedom Party, agreed and drew a correlation between Catholic dogmas and the unquestionably sacrosanct trans ideology of Ireland's globalist elites:

In government circles and in the thinking of the elites which form Irish culture, the principles of gender ideology that gender, and by extension sexuality, are simply social constructs that can be constructed and deconstructed at will, has now become something of an "article of faith," to use a term from Catholic theology. ... The fact that Catholic schools will be required now to teach a hateful ideology utterly repugnant to the core beliefs of the Catholic Church is simply another example of the government rubbing the noses of Catholic parents in the government's own filth.

The education initiatives are simply the latest assault on Ireland's Catholic identity and heritage. Last month, Arts Minister Catherine Martin announced that this year's St. Patrick's Day festival would feature a heavier-than-ever-before LGBT presence, manifested by the presence of drag queens. The festival will include sodomitical imitations of traditional Irish customs and, according to the festival's website, "an army of drag performers." Besides the festival's name, there will apparently be no recognition — much less celebration — of the saint who brought Christianity to the Emerald Isle.

Up to the Laity

Even in the face of such clear and direct attacks on Catholic beliefs — orchestrated by seemingly all the various heads of the Irish government — and the broader Western principle of religious liberty, Ireland's bishops are silent.

When asked for comment on the government's plans to introduce trans indoctrination and reduce religious education, the communications director for the Irish Bishops' Conference told Church Militant the bishops won't partake in the public debate. He said, "Bishops will respond to that matter whenever the Minister for Education, Minister Norma Foley, formally presents the final version of the curriculum framework."

If Ireland's bishops are unwilling to stand against rabidly pro-trans government elites, then, as Hermann Kelly argues, it's up to the parents:

Parents have to understand that the Irish government are warped degenerates who feast on the idea of imposing Trans and Homosexual propaganda on your children. As parents, it's your duty to protect your children from ideological abuse or imposition. I'd advise parents to contact your school and make clear that this anti-biology, anti-nature, and anti-child safety and virtue programme is not being forced on your children in class. Do your best to get this programme removed if it is present in the school, and either remove your child from the class, or home school if necessary.

Michael Leahy offered a grim prediction of an Irish future without authentic Catholic opposition to the elites' agenda:

People are genuinely worried about this, but in the absence of any genuine leadership from church figures and in the face of relentless media and cultural hostility, it is likely to be something in which they will be forced to acquiesce. They will be forced to watch as young children are encouraged and perhaps even coerced into homosexual and transsexual lifestyles from the time of their puberty.

Ireland once fought a war to overthrow an oppressive, immoral regime. Kelly argues the voting ballot is the weapon of choice in this new war for Ireland's Catholic heart: "Until you use your vote to change the political class in charge of Ireland, this sick culture of corrupting children will continue."

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