CRS: Catholic Relief Sodomite

by Church Militant  •  •  April 20, 2015   

A vice president for Catholic Relief Services is legally married to his homosexual partner—and everyone knows it.

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Church Militant has learned that an open homosexual is one of the TOP employees at Catholic Relief Services—and he's married to his longtime male partner.

Rick Estridge is Vice­ President of Overseas Finance at Catholic Relief Services, the United States Bishops' beleaguered anti­-poverty program. And according to official marriage records, he is also civilly married to his long-time gay partner William Daniel Goretsas, Jr.

Their wedding license is dated April 4, 2013, issued by the city of Baltimore over two years ago and during the same year Maryland legalized sodomite marriage.

Church Militant was contacted by anonymous sources and combined forces with Michael Hichborn of the Lepanto Institute to track down details of the story. According to our Church Militant sources, Estridge's homosexuality is well known at CRS headquarters.

That's not hard to believe when you concede that Estridge's social media profile is about as out and proud as it could be.

In this screen capture of his Facebook page, you can see he supports numerous gay advocacy groups like the Matthew Shepard Foundation, Gay Rights, the No Hate Campaign, the Human Rights Campaign, and Freedom to Marry. He's also left public comments on social media in support of so-­called gay marriage—for example, this comment thanking politicians for supporting gay marriage, and this one made against a politician opposed to gay marriage. Estridge writes, “Can’t we find a reason to send her to gitmo?”

GITMO is shorthand for Guantanamo Bay, the U­S military prison for terrorists in Cuba.

According to Estridge's profile description, he leads the development and implementation of all overseas financial management. He also acts as the lead finance representative of CRS to all donors, partners, and stakeholders related to overseas finances. He's been working for CRS for at least fourteen years, and was promoted to his position as Vice President in 2013—in the same month he contracted his same-­sex “marriage.”

Our sources also confirm for us other employees at CRS headquarters are fully aware of his marriage to his gay partner, and obviously his public support of all things homosexual is also well known.

Bishop Richard Lennon of the Cleveland Ohio diocese is requiring teachers to sign contracts promising to lead lives consistent with Church teaching. He made clear that no public support of the gay lifestyle or so­-called gay marriage was permitted, or else the teachers would be fired. The Cincinnati archdiocese implemented similar restrictions last year. And Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone expects the same from his teachers in San Francisco.

In light of the bishops’ actions, how can CRS—which holds itself forth as a faithful Catholic organization—justify one of its VP's homosexual lifestyle?

We’ve reported before on the numerous scandals involving Catholic Relief Services, including their support for population control programs in Third World countries.

CRS continually defends its actions, saying the stories are wrong and claiming to be an operation faithful to Catholic teaching.

CRS receives almost half a billion dollars each year from the government and is keen to hold on to that money, so it follows the directives laid out by liberal politicians. It's little surprise then that CRS has been caught repeatedly compromising its Catholic mission. When you accept that much money from the government, you'll find yourself dancing to the government's tune. If you don't, you risk losing your funding.

Various U­S government grants and funding in Third World nations are tied to those countries' acceptance of the homosexual agenda. So the connection between a VP who is in a same-­sex “marriage” and who oversees all overseas financial management is beyond questionable—questions that the U­S bishops are finally going to have to stand up and answer, instead of simply sidestepping while siding with their own staffers.

Read the detailed report from the Lepanto Institute here.


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