Crumbling Borders

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by Joseph Enders  •  •  March 18, 2021   

Biden covers up crisis

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Unelected President Joe Biden is continuing his campaign of denying the worst border crisis the United States has ever faced — second only to the Obama administration, which had only one-sixth of the illegal crossings seen today.

The obvious question that no one seems to be asking is, "What did you expect?" This is the same professional weakling that refused to stand up to Chinese Communists committing literal genocide against the Uighurs in Xinjiang. He rescinded the Mexico City policy so American taxpayers can fund the killing of foreign babies. This border crisis is chump change compared to his other denials.

One might suppose, in fairness, that Dementia Joe simply forgot about the 78,000 illegal crossing arrests in January. Perhaps he also forgot about the over 100,000 illegal border crossings in February. Maybe the 500 unaccompanied minors pouring across the border on a daily basis just slipped Ol' Joe's mind. In all honesty, it's just as likely as him doing it on purpose. 

This border blunder, realistically speaking, is very serious. Biden invited this crisis into the United States by running a "come on in" campaign to these migrants for going on 2 years. Now innocent brown kids are actually suffering in cages.

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His irresponsibility took the temporary holding facilities Trump used to protect illegal immigrant children from cartel members and jam-packed them with kids. They lack food, they don't have access to showers or toys, and they are corralled like cattle.

What happened to "build back better?" It's more like, "Build nothing and do exactly what you railed against to win an election." This is because the Biden and the Democrats wanted to open the floodgates to those whom they believe will be their future voters.

Both Democrats and Republicans are calling this out, all while the Biden White House sits on its hands. This is unlike Trump who, at the end of his administration, was deporting more illegal immigrants than were coming in.

What happened to 'build back better?' It's more like, 'Build nothing and do exactly what you railed against to win an election.'

Biden thinks less of these Latin American populations. He despises America's individualistic spirit. It's too rebellious for his taste. A peasant class is what he and the Democrats are looking for, and Latin American immigrants should know how Joe and Democrats feel about them before coming here. They think of them as automatons they can dominate.

Americans, meanwhile, ought to recognize that their president hates them, and not for what they believe. Biden and the Democrats hate you for who you are: faithful, proud and free.

To learn more, watch today's episode of The Download — Crumbling Borders.

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