Culture War Lost

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by Joseph Enders  •  •  December 5, 2022   

Legacy building in the endgame

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Men are obsessed with building a legacy, but few know how to obtain it.

Passing on the legacy

So let's begin with something my father told me over a decade ago. He told me this bit of wisdom after I expressed the all-too-common masculine fear of being forgotten by history. 

I asked him how he dealt with the existential anxiety of not being remembered. "I don't have to worry about my legacy," he said. "I'm looking at him." 

That moment is cemented in my memory. It was brilliant. Young men today are told that social activism is the way to leave a legacy, but that's wrong. It's raising children.

With every new life one brings into the world, an individual participates in God's creation of a new and infinitely valuable soul. Legacy is built with every word one utters to his children in their formative years. For every second that a child spends in a parent's presence, another part of him is cultivated from the fertile soil his parents tilled.

Neoliberal globalist elites are convinced that they can continue importing their idea of legacy from across the globe and into American neighborhoods — supplanting traditional Western culture with a consumeristic and Godless one. But can they actually accomplish this?

The Democratic Party of abortion, contraception, transgenderism and homosexuality will inevitably self-destruct. Their model isn't sustainable because their kids are opposed to every societal mechanism that promotes the creation of new human life. They are the antithesis of an actual legacy.

For every second that a child spends in a parent's presence, another part of him is cultivated from the fertile soil his parents tilled.

Why else would school boards shut down parents complaining about the anti-procreation campaigns in school libraries and sex-ed classrooms? Why do mainstream educators vehemently oppose homeschooling? They need converts, that's why.

Cultural-Marxist teachers' unions have been pushing this bile for decades, training an entire generation of activists right under their parents' noses. They lie to students — telling them they need to be written about in history books to be relevant, while never encouraging them to marry and have kids. Their messaging is all about wealth chasing and supporting Social Justice Activism Inc.™

This behavior should never be written off as some sort of rebellious teenage phase. The public education borg is intellectually kidnapping the minds of millions of kids and stealing the legacies of their faithful parents. Not a single American should let them, and we'd better stop allowing it soon.

The religious conservative has already lost the culture war — face reality. Conservative voters are dying every year, and the Left's voters are becoming adults. There is no silver bullet to come back from this defeat. A quick fix simply won't work.

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Simply relying on Donald Trump won't turn the tide, and merely returning to the Latin Mass isn't going to heal the Catholic Church. In fact, no amount of protest, worldly leadership or anything else will succeed in reversing this crushing cultural defeat — but a faithful future generation can.

It's futile to think that one can convince millions of today's dopamine-addicted young people to return to Tradition. With sparing exceptions, these generations are lost. Even the conservative ones tend to lean Left on social issues like gay marriage and abortion. 

The forces of evil have taken control of the elections, education and even the military. Again, there is no silver bullet. There isn't even a war front. All that's left is to retreat and regroup. A new army needs to be raised to fight these godless mongrels. 

This isn't to say that we should stop fighting for conservative values or that fighting is pointless. It isn't. Every individual convinced of abandoning the mainstream degeneracy of this era is a gigantic win. Just don't bank on nationwide victory when it simply isn't realistic.

The religious conservative has already lost the culture war.

Don't stand by while "gay-married" billionaires like Peter Thiel inject sodomy acceptance into mainstream conservatism. Don't ignore the fact that one of Donald Trump's top speechwriters, Richard Grenell, is an active homosexual who claims to be a "practicing Christian."

"Conservative" commentator Tomi Lahren thinks that baby killing is well-settled law. Rubin Report host Dave Rubin thinks it's moral to buy two lab-engineered babies and raise them with his "husband." Daily Wire star Ben Shapiro thinks mocking Christ's Passion and death is an acceptable form of humor. Why allow these people to co-opt the conservative legacy?

Winning this war will be a chore centuries in the making. Priority number one should be getting married and having as many children as possible. For those couples that can't conceive, adopt. Form the children of the future; they're the nation's only hope. Replace the evil with the faithful.

With the culture war ended, so begins the demographics war over America's misguided children. Don't lose this one.

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