Cupich Crony Named to Peoria

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by Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th.  •  •  May 12, 2020   

Former seminarians: 'Tylka has all the wrong qualities'

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PEORIA, Ill. ( - The successor to Bp. Daniel Jenky in Peoria, Illinois is cut from a different cloth, say former fellow seminarians of bishop-elect Louis Tylka.

Named coadjutor bishop-elect of Peoria on Monday, Tylka will eventually replace 73-year-old Jenky, who parishioners say isn't in the best of health. After multiple parishioners in the Peoria diocese inquired about Tylka, Church Militant reached out for comment to two priests who attended St. Mary of the Lake seminary with Tylka in Mundelein, Illinois.

Bp. Daniel Jenky

Both of Tylka's fellow seminarians noted that Tylka had been overtly interested in climbing the ecclesiastical latter, had hung out with the gay crowd in the seminary and had claimed to be a favorite of the late homosexual predator Cdl. Joseph Bernardin.

"Of all things required for a priest to be a good bishop, or an ordinary in the Church today," commented the first seminarian, "Louis Tylka does not seem to possess the qualities necessary for the job."

He added, "What Louis Tylka has is a long track record of schmoozing up to the powers that be, whether it be the seminary rector, who at the time we were together in the seminary was Bp. Gerald Kicanas, or Chicago's ordinary, who then was Bernardin."

The second seminarian acquaintance of Tylka, who also got ordained, responded in a strikingly similar manner.

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"In my first year of seminary, Tylka used to brag about how much of a friend Bernadin was to him," he said.

Church Militant released an explosive report in 2019 detailing multiple allegations against Bernardin that included Chicago's former archbishop being a homopredator his entire career with at least some of those sexual assaults being tied to satanic rituals.

He was the kind of priest I promised myself never to become.

The report also exposed Chicago's current Cdl. Blase Cupich for not reporting Bernardin's horrific allegations to the Illinois attorney general.

One allegation against Bernardin that Cupich deliberately chose to hide involved the case of a satanic rape in 1957 of a minor in South Carolina. Cupich failed to report it even though the victim had reported it to the U.S. nuncio in 1993 as well as the archdiocese of Chicago, the Congregation for Bishops in Rome, as well as the Papal Household.

Cupich had stated publicly that he would turn over all cases to the Illinois attorney general's office, substantiated and unsubstantiated. He did not turn over anything regarding the Bernardin case, which the archdiocese had clear and convincing knowledge of.

Cdl. Blaise Cupich

Both former seminarians told Church Militant that Tylka had been cultivating the good graces of Cupich and has now been rewarded for his loyal patronage.

"He got a rich, large parish in Chicago and was angling in on Cupich for a while," noted the second seminarian.

The first seminarian likewise responded, "In one sense, today's announcement that Louis Tylka will be Peoria's next ordinary is no surprise. Father Tylka has obviously been doing a lot of schmoozing with Cdl. Cupich, who looks for only one qualification for episcopal candidates — sycophantic adherence!"

One lay member of the Peoria diocese contacted Church Militant alarmed by the high number of pro-gambling posts made by Tylka to his Facebook page. Checking Tylka's Facebook page did, in fact, reveal a high number of such posts including here, here, here, here, and here, among many others.

Jenky, on the other hand, was much beloved by his flock and went out of his way to promote Christ's Real Presence in the Blessed Sacrament as well as promote the cause of canonization of Abp. Fulton Sheen.

He hung around the flaming gays in the class and all he would talk about was how proud he would be to be a bishop.

Both of Tylka's former fellow seminarians noted the now bishop-elect was not only inclined to think of his own ecclesiastical advancement while in the seminary but was to hang out with fellow seminarians, who were gay.

"He hung around the flaming gays in the class and all he would talk about was how proud he would be to be a bishop," exclaimed the second seminarian, "and he wasn't even ordained a priest! I really despised climbers in the Church. It had nothing to do with humility and everything to do with him."

He added, "He was the kind of priest I promised myself never to become."

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