Czech President: ‘Black Lives Matter’ Is Racist

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by Martina Moyski  •  •  July 3, 2020   

Uttering the verboten

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PRAGUE ( - The president of the Czech Republic has declared the mantra "Black Lives Matter" (BLM) to be racist.


Protestors cheered a police vehicle burning in Pennsylvania

(Photo: Heather Khalifa)

In a June 30 speech commemorating America's Independence Day, President Miloš Zeman told an audience at the U.S. Embassy in Prague: "I am here not only as an independent citizen, but I am here also as a friend of America. ... And in both positions, I say that the slogan 'Black Lives Matter' is a racist slogan because all lives matter."

Zeman warned that freedom is under threat in both the Czech Republic and the United States.

"Dangerous" attacks, he said, on the "independence of our citizens ... the riots on the streets, the burning of the cars, destroying of statues" cannot be ignored.

The 75-year-old Czech leader warned of "stupid fellows who declare themselves value leaders, or even opinion leaders" who are trying to spin public opinion against independence.

"Let me remind you of an old song which says: 'It was good for my father, it was good for my mother, it is good enough for me,'" Zeman continued, adding the punch, "I do not need any big brothers who will say what the values are ... I do not need any new opinion leader."

"We need free thinking, we need common sense," he said, repeating, "in both countries ... the situation is against independence."

Hungary's Orbán Agrees

Zeman's words echoed those of Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán, who in a June 27 address to an incoming cohort of police officers in Budapest, declared that in Hungary, "all lives matter."

In both countries ... the situation is against independence.

Orbán referenced "surprising and upsetting" events unfolding across the United States and Western Europe, noting that "Members of the armed forces are being humiliated on the streets and in politics. The guardians of public order are being denounced as racists."


Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán

(Photo: Facebook/Orbán Viktor)

"An unprecedented firestorm of violence is sweeping through renowned cities," he said. "The State and law have disappeared from the streets."

Vatican Kneels to BLM

The leaders of the Czech Republic and Hungary embody a worldview that is in stark contrast to the politically correct perspectives of many of their Western counterparts — including officials in the Vatican.

Late last month, Vatican News issued a statement praising Black Lives Matter as a "movement dedicated to non-violent civil disobedience through protests against police violence directed at black persons as well as all forms of racism."

No mention was made of BLM's involvement in rioting or its campaign to defund or abolish police departments. The outlet was also silent on BLM's radically pro-LGBT pronouncements, which include its goal of "dismantling cisgender privilege," and abolishing the nuclear family.

What began as #BlackLivesMatter has grown, through funding by George Soros and other leftist "opinion leaders," into a Marxist and anti-Catholic organization that seeks to fundamentally transform the United States and the world — one so powerful that suggesting that "all lives matter" can result in condemnation and attack.

In spite of this, leaders like Zeman and Orbán remain steadfast, refusing to kneel before the cultural revolutionaries of the West.

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