Dark Saints

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by Phillipe Champlain  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  September 30, 2020   

Heroes of the Left

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg's recent death underscores the impulse of fallen human beings to quickly canonize and raise up what can be called "dark saints."

The process of raising up a dark saint is rapid-fire compared to the ancient practice of canonizing a real saint within the Catholic Church. The latter involves a long and cumbersome process with many detailed analyses of the saint's life and legacy. Conversely, just minutes after Ginsburg died on Sept.18, many in the media had already canonized and publicly enshrined her on the highest altars throughout our land.

Abp. Hélder Câmara

Ginsburg qualifies as a dark saint for having championed the Left's vile sacraments of abortion and gay marriage during her tenure as a Supreme Court justice. Why hold off her canonization for even one minute? Here's one dark saint for the Left to raise to their highest altars.

As the gospel attests, over time, the truth will come out — for good or for bad. This is principally why the Church's canonization process is, by design, lengthy, drawn-out and thorough. Thus, given some time, the propriety of the many thousands of accolades that the Left has lavished on Ginsburg this week will become evident!

Dark saints have become a common phenomenon in this age of email, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms of social media. Think for a moment about George Floyd being given a saint's funeral. Yes, George Floyd suffered a horrible death. But did his life really merit millions of accolades or a full State funeral televised internationally? How could such a phenomenon occur? That millions would weigh in and, with hardly any information, canonize him a saint is truly mind-boggling!

This phenomenon of raising non-saintly figures to sainthood is nothing new. Think for a moment about Marxists in the Church currently championing the cause for sainthood for Brazil's late Abp. Hélder Câmara (as first reported by Church Militant). The archbishop promoted communist regimes and advocated for contraception, remarriage after divorce and women priests — all at odds with Church teaching. Sadly, with the Marxist Left now in control at the Vatican, Câmara's cause has been making headway despite the faithful laity in Brazil making their displeasure for this known.

Dark saints have become a common phenomenon in this age of email, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms of social media.

Closer to home, in the American Catholic Church, we have our own celebrated dark saints of the Left. One such is the late Cdl. Joseph Bernardin, known for his December 1983 lecture at Fordham University in which he outlined the so-called seamless garment theory, a supposed metaphor for what's called a "consistent ethic of life." But Bernardin is also known for multiple accusations of sexual abuse, as has been reported many times over the last few years by Church Militant.

In an exclusive report in June 2019, Church Militant publicized how Bernardin, in concert with the now-laicized Theodore McCarrick, attempted to sexually abuse a then-19-year-old James Grein during a weekend outing at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin in the late 1970s. Tragically, despite the gravity of the matter presented publicly by Grein, a credible witness, mainstream media took absolutely no notice of what Grein suffered to disclose. Nor did it take notice of how, in addition to abusing Grein, McCarrick attempted to pimp him out to his close buddy, the cardinal archbishop of Chicago — Bernardin!

Ironically, holiness is not a requirement of sainthood for dark saints.

Lamentably, to the great distress of Grein and other of Bernardin's victims, the only mainstream media notice that took place after the June 2019 Church Militant exposé featuring Bernardin's predation of Grein was a brief media hiccup in late August 2019. That August, the new Illinois attorney general, Kwame Raoul, attended a closed-door meeting with Chicago's Cdl. Blase Cupich. On Aug. 21, Raoul told Chuck Goudie of ABC7 that his discussions with Cupich and state investigation officials were aimed at "making sure that there's reconciliation for survivors and mak[ing] sure abuse doesn't happen anymore."

Cdl. Joseph Bernardin

Per Grein, it's dubious that any real "reconciliation" for victims was effected by Raoul and Cupich, as neither man ever spoke to him (a victim) — even after he made McCarrick/Bernardin abuse public just a month earlier.

As Grein lamented this week to Church Militant, after going public in June 2019 regarding how McCarrick pimped him out to Bernardin, neither Cupich nor even Raoul reached out to him — at all!

Grein poignantly affirmed to Church Militant: "That is correct: No one ever contacted me to offer consolation or empathy, or even to say 'sorry.' Their silence only makes my life worse."

As time is proving, although sainted by the liberal mainstream media, the late Cdl. Bernardin was no saint! And although Bernardin is still often quoted for his "Consistent Ethic of Life" speech at Fordham all those years ago, his legacy is far from "seamless."

Ironically, holiness is not a requirement of sainthood for dark saints.

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