David Amess Died Catholic

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by William Mahoney, Ph.D.  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  October 19, 2021   

Pro-God, pro-family, pro-life champion

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Many are still in shock over the recent murder of a devout Catholic member of the British Parliament. Sir David Amess was brutally stabbed to death in an Islamic terror attack on Friday after speaking with constituents in Leigh-on-Sea in England. Church Militant's William Mahoney has more on this pro-God, pro-family and pro-life champion.

Sir Keir Starmer: "Informed by his faith, Sir David had a profound sense of public duty, and he was highly respected and much liked across the houses of Parliament."

Even Amess' rivals on the opposite side of the aisle, like Sir Keir Starmer, respected and admired the man knighted in 2015 for his political and public service.

When an opponent in a debate claimed the Catholic hierarchy covers up sex abuse as a matter of policy, Amess fired back.

Sir David Amess: "That is not Catholic policy, and the Church would condemn those bishops. … I, as a Catholic, do not accept that priests who are proven to be pedophiles are following the teachings of the Catholic Church."

Amess' voting record never once strayed from defending every human being's right to life.

Amess was also a defender of the family, which led him to oppose the push to normalize — and coerce others to applaud — virtually every sexual perversion under the sun.

Amess: "Religion is at the heart of everything, really."

Saint Edmund Campion, one of the Forty Martyrs of England and Wales, said, "I am a Catholic man and a priest. In that Faith have I lived and in that Faith do I intend to die … ."

Sir David Amess once echoed these words: "Now, ladies and gentleman, I was born a Catholic, and I will die a Catholic."

Amess was murdered for his faith, an example to all Catholics, who must be willing to do the same for love of Our Lord.

Police refused to let a priest administer last rites to Amess, saying it was a crime scene.

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