DC’s Msgr. Rossi and the Mafia

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by Rodney Pelletier  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  October 1, 2019   

Alleged homosexual predator's ties to 'Mafia Don of Scranton'

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WASHINGTON (ChurchMilitant.com) - Embattled homosexualist Msgr. Walter Rossi, who is under investigation for homosexual predation, may also have ties with the Mafia.

In June, Abp. Carlo Viganò, the ex-papal ambassador and whistleblower, confirmed that Rossi "is, without a doubt, a member of the 'gay mafia,'" giving credit to investigative journalist George Neumayr for exposing the information.

But on Sunday, Neumayr's investigations are revealing not just gay mafia ties, but possibly actual Mafia ties.


In his newest report, Neumayr shows intimate ties between Rossi and "suspected mobster" Louis DeNaples. He's a Scranton-area real estate and business magnate who, in 2008, was charged with perjury for supposedly lying about suspected ties to the Bufalino crime family.

At the time, DeNaples was building a casino in an old hotel in the resort town of Mt. Pocono, Pennsylvania, called the Mount Airy Casino Resort.

In 2008, DeNaples told various witnesses, as verified by Church Militant, that he was a guest at a wedding where a leading member of the Bufalino crime family was also present, but there was no relationship with the mobster or the organization.

He also added that the Mafia in Atlantic City, New Jersey, was opposing his efforts to build a casino in Mt. Pocono because he was not in the Mafia, and as a result, the Atlantic City Mob was paying off Pennsylvania state regulators to press bogus charges against him.

In 2009, the state dropped the charges against DeNaples after he transferred ownership of the casino over to his daughter and had nothing more to do with the business.

The fruit doesn't fall from the tree. Rossi's wealth must come from family money — and that money came from DeNaples, who paid Rossi's father a huge salary.

Neumayr maintains, however, there is compelling evidence that DeNaples is, indeed, "the Mafia Don of Scranton." He notes that author Matt Birkbeck uses half of his book, The Quiet Don: The Untold Story of Mafia Kingpin Russell Bufalino, to discuss DeNaples' ties to the crime family.

His article goes on to reveal that Msgr. Rossi's father, Robert, worked as DeNaples' primary accountant, quoting one source as saying, "He is a very creative accountant" and that "[Robert] Rossi had one primary client, DeNaples, and it made him an unusually wealthy accountant."

He also told Church Militant that Robert Rossi's accounting firm was the headquarters for many of DeNaples' businesses.

He goes further to note that a source at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception revealed the DeNaples' entry in the Shrine donor's list marked "Rossi Restricted," adding that it shows Rossi has an ongoing personal relationship with him.

Bp. Joseph Bambera with Louis DeNaples

Another source noted, "Why do you think Msgr. Rossi has had beach condos in Florida and Atlantic City? Why do you think he could afford apartments on Dupont Circle and elsewhere? The fruit doesn't fall from the tree."

The source continued, "Rossi's wealth must come from family money — and that money came from DeNaples, who paid Rossi's father a huge salary."

The likely Mafia connection, however, doesn't stop at Rossi. DeNaples is a big benefactor to the diocese of Scranton. The diocese holds fundraisers at the Mount Airy Casino Resort and Scranton's bishop, Joseph Bambera, associates with DeNaples.

In August, it was announced that Rossi was under investigation for his homosexual predation by Bambera and Washington's Abp. Wilton Gregory.

In June, Abp. Carlo Viganò asserted, "[A] corrupt 'mafia' has taken control of many institutions of the Church, from the top down, and is exploiting the Church and the faithful for its own immoral purposes."

He went on to reveal the members of this coalition are "bound together not by shared sexual intimacy but by a shared interest in protecting and advancing one another professionally and in sabotaging every effort to reform the sexual corruption."

"The members of this alliance, and those who fear its wrath, are the only ones with the authority to correct the problem through proper judicial procedures, the imposition of discipline and the reaffirmation of sound teaching," Viganò continued.

But with Bambera's ties to DeNaples and Gregory's open support of homosexuality and covering for homosexual clerics, critics are not confident that Rossi's alleged victims will get any justice.

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